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Motivation: What Do You Lift?

For you die hard teen agers out there (under 20) whats you lifts and weight, i want to know what im going up against!
Squat 275 x3
Bench 205x1
Deadlift 375 x 1
18 at 175

I’m not as ‘hardcore’ as I was a year ago, but still train daily for strength and at home. College takes a lot out of you. I’m 18, but 19 in a week, so i guess 19 (one week isn’t much).

Competition lifts @ 172lbs (181lb class)
Squat; 452lbs
Bench; 263lbs (305 gym w/ pause)
Deadlift; 478lbs (500 gym)

I don’t have proof of the gym lifts, so believe what you want and I’ll say what I did. ha

Lifts from this summer when i dabbled/competed in Oly Lifting (77kg/169lb weight class);
Front Squat; 330lbs @170
Clean and Jerk; 253 (sucks butt)
Snatch; 102.5kg (226lbs)

Just keep lifting, be smart and be consistent. You have some good lifts, and with time they’ll be great!


I’ve been lifting since 13/14 began around this time 5 years ago.

I don’t worry about what other people lift. I’m a selfish lifter, and that’s the way you have to be.


squat : 650
bench: 500
dead: 550
6,2 330 lbs

first meet is march 12. will have videos.

oh age 19!


Lift raw. Am 19.

Just gym lifts but Bench: 264lbsx1 Squat: 374lbsx1 Deadlift: 484lbsx2 raw 16YO at 201lbs