Motivation help..?

I’ve just recently gotten back into lifting and MA(Krav Maga) after straining my lower back a year and some months ago. I’m writing this, b/c I am having problems with motivating myself, b/c I’m worried about reinjuring myself or doing worse damage, Anyone who’s had an injury how have you motivated yourself to get back into the lifting lifestyle?
Also anyone who knows about rehabilitation, I’ve heard of a technique known as flossing for back injuries, I am still suffering from Sciatic pain and was wondering if anyone knew of the exercises to help with this.

a guy at my gym injured his knee while squatting. it took him several months to recover, but he’s back now squatting more than ever.

not a hollywood description, but…

i guess start slow and steady, be safe and good luck!!!

I have been out of the gym more times than I like to think about. But for me, the only motivation I need is to get in there once, the burn in my legs as I push with all the strength that I didn’t know I posessed, when I can’t quite walk the half block to my home because my legs are twitching so badly, when people stop what they are doing and stare when I am lifting, not because of the weight, but because I am doing an exercise they have never seen before. Knowing that I am setting myself above what people call normal, longing for that familiar pain like no sane man should.

I guess I don’t really know how to motivate somebody else, but for me, it’s the feeling of creation through destruction, finding beauty in the war against the iron. Or maybe I am just a little crazy.


No ShortDave , I think it’s that struggle that makes us reach for the iron even more .When the going gets tough outside the gym , to go into battle and return home with the feeling that you conquered that weight once more .

Crouching Tiger

Take a look at Lonnie Lowery’s latest blog entry “Hit the Curve Ball”.

Well put Dave, well put.

I get motivated when I’m in a gym full of people who are dedicated to seeing gains. At school this is easy but right now I think the Y where I lift is more likely to promote male estrogen than actual gains. In which case I just think about my girl (which can cause other motivations but that’s a different story).

Hey rappan,

Sometimes I just don’t feel motivated at all going to the gym. All I have to do is take a quick run to the store or go and take the trash out. In your journey just observe the people while your out, 80% of the people are out of shape whether it be your neighbors, relatives, friends etc. That gets me motivated.

I just do not want to look like them, call me shallow, but I don’t want flabby arms, a distended belly, double chin and so on and so on. I just want to live into my golden years still look buff and die a happy death with a couple of crazy women in my bed.

If I have gone through an injury, what I do is plan my workout before hand. The “Neanderthal No More” articles really helped me out and my wife (who had back surgery). Don’t try to over due it, know your limitations!! You just might end up reinjuring yourself. Really check into them.

I googled “flossing” and this is a description of what it is : Flossing ? A physical therapy technique to mobilize or increase movement of nerves so that they don?t ?scar down?, or adhere to other tissues. Sounds alot like ART therapy. You may want to check more into that too.

I don’t know if you are seeing a phsycian, but you should maybe get an MRI to see if you have a bulging disc, herniated disc, pinched nerve, etc. and see what is causing the problem. If your having sciatic pain find out what is causing it. You will help yourself out more knowing the problem and then researching a solution.

Like it has been said just go to the gym, once there you’ll get into your groove. Just remember to not go all out take baby steps and listen to your body. Your mind may be going “C’mon man lift heavier you wuss” but your body may not agree at all. As you know sometimes other parts of our bodies do the thinking for us, but that’s a whole different story.

Take care rappan,

Sancho or anyone else,

Has anyone used ART? I’ve heard about it but haven’t tried it yet, b/c I wasn’t sure if it was legit. I have a host of injuries from high school wrestling and track and this was suggested for them. Also possibly for my back. Thanks,


Hey rappan,

Since these here forums started people swore by ART. I was looking into seeing a practitioner once, but it was a hell of a drive for me to see the nearest one. ART has a website that has more information check it out. You may find a practitioner near where you live.

If you are in alot of pain it is worth a try. I know these visits could be costly and especially if your short on dough, you start to question whether the therapy is worth it. To me anything that can alleviate some pain is well worth it. E-mail(ART website),or phone them, anything that will answer your questions about ART.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask and hopefully some T-peeps log on with their ART experiences or expertise. Pretty soon you’ll be running on all 8’s.