Motivation for Injury Comebacks?

I have spent the larger part of the past 2 and a half years recovering from various injuries and surgeries. I was finally injury free for 3 months and training was looking good, then yesterday on my last rep on my last set of deadlifts right near the lockout i felt the terrible pop and instantly dropped the bar. Torn hamstring (of the adductor variety), i thought i could walk it off but 3 hours later i couldn’t set a foot on it.

I know i will get through this and get back to lifting it’s just a pretty shitty deal and i am rather dejected right now. How do you stay motivated through injuries to keep on keeping on?

I just hate quitting something, I don’t like dishing out excuses. No matter how valid they might be I can’t live with that.

Im still a relative beginner but I’ve had my fair share of shit, some major health issues and a few injuries and a surgery. I haven’t been totally healed up in a full year. I’m not good at staying sane through it either. I over analyze and get anxiety and shit just adds up. But one thing I’ve learned is you can come back from anything, and work around just about anything.

I trained when I should have been in a hospitals bed. Was it good for my health? Hell no. Kept me same though. You just gotta find that reason you’re in the gym every day busting your ass while the majority of the population is out drinking and fucking around. The biggest thing is knowing that just cause you’re not in the gym doesn’t mean that you’re not still improving.

Read, learn shit, plan your comeback, do whatever it takes to come back stronger than before. But in the end when you’re caught up in the middle of it that’s not how you think. It’s not how I think atleast, I’d be going nuts, I’ve been going nuts, but you push through it. This may sound a little used up but the motivation is gonna come from inside you. Anyways good luck with the injury and healing process.