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Motivation For Beginners

Ok here is my rant for the day.

First a bit about me. This week I achieved my first goal that I outlined in getting myself back into shape. This has taken me over a year. Basically I have dropped a substantial amount of body fat (6 inches off my waist) at a slow and steady rate and have managed to gradually increase strength also. It has taken a fairly long time but I?m happy with my progress. Thing is, I?m busy, this isn?t my only focus in life, but one of many. So sometimes I go out drinking, miss meals etc, but I rarely miss a workout. I?ve had injuries to work around as well.

One on the reasons I regularly read various BB forums on the net is for motivation. When I feel like eating some kind of junk or not working out if I have a bit of a surf and read a few articles I usually get back on track. One thing I see all the time is:

I?m 202 at 25% bf will a cycle of TRIBEX, Methoxy-7, Cell Tech and Turkish Wrestler?s Dick Cheese work for me?

Get real. There is only one thing that works, consistency. I can relate to people like that?I have never purchased anything other than flax and protein?but I have been tempted by the idea of a quick fix. But in reality it is simple. Do more good things (like eating regular balanced meals and working out) than bad (eating crap) and you will progress. Here?s the trick?you have to learn to enjoy exercise. If that happens then you aren?t gonna mind that you haven?t progressed for a month or so. It goes in cycles?for the last 3 months I hardly got anywhere?minimal fat loss and no strength gains. Then all of a sudden I drop some lard and shoot up a bit in strength in a couple of weeks with no changes to my routine. Just suck it up and keep going mutha fu%^er!

So if you are at the start of your journey take my advice?.be ready for the long hall. You didn?t end up looking like shit from a month of bad habits, so a month of working out isn?t going to fix it. I?m a year in and now just starting stage 2 of 4 of my goals. But guess what I look a damn sight better than I did a year ago.

Here is what has worked for me:

Morning cardio… I know some people hate it?.I enjoy cardio makes me feel good in the morning?and definitely helped me drop pounds

Low reps… I only started gaining strength when I threw in some heavy stuff

Midnight protein… sounds weird but I read somewhere on T-Nation about drinking a load of water before bed?.therefore having to piss and having a chance to drink a shake at night. This has really made a difference for me.

Ok that?s it. Rant over.

good rant. I’m just starting the long haul myself and some good ol’ straight shooting is what I needed. I am setting a goal of losing about 40-50 lbs in a year’s time.

Sounds like were on the same program, I do my cardio in the morning @ 0500 and I use a 5x5 routine heavy. I like the point ya made about I didn’t get to loking like shit in a month so I shouldn’t expect to look better in a month.