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Motivation Drained To Nothing

Hi guys,

Ive been reading T-Nation for a couple years off and on. The material here is terrific !!! I tried the free sample of Spike, that was offered a few months ago, and it was awesome. I suffer from A.D.D. and it definately helped me out in the attention dept.

The real reason for my little “cry for help” is that I’ve gotten a LONG way from the physical condition I’m used to and am having a hard time making myself get back to the weights - even though I have a 300 lb olympic set, dumbbells, power rack w/ lat pulldown, treadmill and stationary bike.

All going to waste.
A little history - I blew out my shoulder playing Basketball, in late Sept-'04, and had to go under the knife soon after that to repair the shredded tendens and ligaments. I couldnt stand ANY pressure on that arm for several months. Also, due to the tendon overlapping technique the Doc used to fix me up, I cant reach the squat bar with my left arm, due to the loss of movement in the deltoid. I can do almost everything else that can be done in a home gym setting, w/o much pain.

As I hinted at in the header, I’m just plain not motivated to get into the gym again but I know that I’m getting further and further into that dark hole that swallows guys eternally into couch potato hell. I read tons of stuff on lifting but finding the motivation to do it is elusive as heck.

I guess I’m asking you guys this - How do I get motivated and maintain it? How do you guys do it? What is a good program to start on and a good diet? Help me out here !!! I need some moral support from people who know this stuff and have used it.

I almost forgot… I wanted to give some info on my physical build, eating habits, schedule, ect…

I’m 6’6", 270 lbs(probably around 23- 25% bodyfat), I play basketball once a week for a few hours but I still get winded by just climbing stairs. That’s embarrassing. I work from 7am-3:30pm in a manufacturing setting that sometimes requires me to travel for a few weeks at a time. I eat terrible and I know it. I’ll do good for a few days and then lose it for a buritto or something similar.

I’ve heard of the principle of eating small amounts around 6-7 times daily to boost the metabolism. Is that for me? Basically, I want to lose the huge love handles & man boobs and get back on the track of gaining some muscle mass again.

Ok, I’m done. Cut me to shreds if need be but make it beneficial, please.


Well, I’m not in a motivating mindset right now, but after taking a short break and having to get back into it myself, I can see why it hard to restart.

The lifts all go down, the GPP drops, doing cardio leaves you sucking wind. It all sucks bad.

However, as strange as it may sound, its very easy to find post workout soreness for every muscle you train. As long as you don’t overdo it, I find that to be a satisfying feeling.

Also, within a two week period you should be able to regain a good deal of GPP and start feeling good under the weights again.

Screw the motivation, just get a bit of discipline for a few short weeks and you should be back into it.

Exactly, you just have to do it. Nothing we say means a hill of beans if you dont want it.

There has to be some type of ODD pleasure in doing what you are becoming an out of shape average american??

You nee to figure out which means more fat, slow, and average or strong, fit, and above average.

Each and everty goal/lifestyle has its negative points. Its not all shits and giggles either way juts have to weigh which has more positive payback for YOU.

Good luck on making your choice.

It’s really hard to motivate people over the internet. You really have to want it, and want to go, my problem is not staying away, I love going. Hopefully overtime you will have the same problem as i do. Remember this is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. In some of the forums here are before and after pics, try using them for motivation. Set a goal. find a picture of someone you would like to have your physique look like. Good luck

Ok, thats good advice from all of you guys. Thanks. All of you basically just told me that its ME that has to motivate ME. I think its the A.D.D. that mainly effects my ability to focus and stay on track.

I’ve seen the before/after pics, michaelmr, and your right. They do have a motivating effect. My only problem is getting into the weights and staying there. I guess I’ll have to “Just Do It” - Thanks Nike…lol.

Well guys, its New Years Eve!! Theres no better time than now to make a promise (resolution) to myself to get serious.

I have a pic of myself from a short time ago. I’ll post it in exactly 1 month with a new pic and stats of the change’s. Its pretty bad and I cant get myself to post it now.

Any sugg’s on getting my shoulder’s range of motion back so I can squat normal again ? I dont mind front squats but I’d like the ability back to do either.

Thanks again for the tips and words of advice.

For injury advice, perhaps look to the “Author’s Locker Room”. In fact, Dr Ryan has a thread for such questions…


Just assume he hasn’t read the details you posted here… so tell that part of the story again.

One thing that has really worked for me is to go 3 weeks on, 1 week off. You can psych yourself up for only 3 weeks pretty easily. After the 1 week off, you’ll be dying to get back into it. Sometimes I have to force myself to take the week off, but if I don’t I really feel a drop off in motivation.

here’s a tip…

don’t EVER ask someone else to motivate you…

if you can’t be bothered to get up off your fat doughy ass and help yourself out than fuck you! you deserve to have a fat doughy ass…

that being said…

IF you get up off your lazy butt and decide to do something you might try strongman training…

in strongman training you do a very wide variety of different things and perhaps that may be good for someone with ADD…

a simple routing in a gym wouldn’t suit someone with ADD I would think…

sometimes I think I’ve got ADD too because I get bored out of my mind doing the same exersizes, rep ranges, and rep schemes…I try to do something different in almost every workout because of this…

anyways, good luck!

Now guys dont get too shocked about what im going to say. I know this is T-Nation and not some kind of psychology forum; but. I often use NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) and hypnosis tapes; such as ones centred around motivation and self-esteem, when I go to bed at night. One way or another, this helps me. And guys, please don’t flame me for this.