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Motivating Yourself to Keep Going

Hey everyone. I want to give a quick heads-up about a free service I made called Are You Big Yet?. It’s at www.areyoubigyet.com.

The idea is that, if you’re a beginner or just not motivated to keep working out, you get sent e-mail reminders every couple of days seeing how your progress is coming along. I made it because I always get the best results when I have someone or something there to motivate me and remind me to work out. It was easy to set up, so I might as well share it with anyone else who wants it.

The e-mails also include lots of tips for the mental side of the game, which it seems like most beginners forget about.

I thought this could be helpful for any beginners here. I’d love any feedback about it from anyone who signs up – I include my e-mail address in the list.

Sounds like a good idea.