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Motivating Myself and Another


I am starting to try to get myself back in a routine with the gym and eating. I have been very inconsistent in the past and I am trying to change that now. I am not to the weight I want to be. I am trying to gain about 30lbs. I have been reading up on different diets to try to accomplish this. It is going to be hard at first, but I am going to try my best to stay with it.

Now here is the reason for my post. My girlfriend is trying to lose weight. She does not seem very motivated to get this done. She says she wants to, but doesn’t stick with it. I will give it to her that she is in school full time and with a kid, it is hard to find the time. One thing though she doesn’t do is stick to a diet. She will try then eventually she says that she basically has to eat lettuce to lose weight. “All the healthy foods don’t taste good.”

So I feel that I am trying to eat a lot and she has to do something completely opposite that I am doing with the types of foods and the amount of times I need to eat. It doesn’t seem to be working that great.

Does anyone have any tips or info on how we could approach this? I know a lot of it has to come down to her and the wanting to do this right. I just think she needs some help in doing this.