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Motivating Men


I'm not sure what the correct section to post this would be.

I finally found a great training partner who wont be moving any time soon, has good form, a positive attitude, and pulls his weight equally with me in keeping us motivated. This guy actually used to work as a personal trainer when he was 18-19, so he's great during the workout. It's good times.

The problem is that he used to be one of those personl trainers who picked up a few snippets of info through hearsay from absolutely any source offering it and doesn't seem at all motivated to continue researching this stuff on his own. He puts up a little bit of a struggle when I, for instance, tell him that Kicks breakfast cereal is not what I'd consider an ideal carb source, that chips, no matter how low-whatever, probably should be avoided and replaced with something non-processed, such as the straight potato if he so desires, and that stretching rigorously in the middle of a workout isn't a good idea.

He wants to workout, but he's really not interested in learning about it. Is there a way I can motivate him to pick up a few books on it on his own? If so, how?

He's not the only guy I've met who just wants to be spoon-fed everything. I guess I don't mind in light of the awesome workout partner, but it would save time if we started each workout on the same page.


Play the dumb wounded soul role?


Blowjobs. Lots of blowjobs.


Do your own thing, get a spot when needed, ipod.


Is that how you got your training partner to listen?

OP you could present him with the science/reading to back up what you're trying to tell him? Or if he refuses to listen make up ridiculous stories of people getting obscenely injured from not doing it your way


I have been doing this for years and, I'm sorry, but it's nowhere near as much fun as having another person there. Training with another enthusiastic person is always more fun.

I'm just wondering how to motivate him to learn on his own. In the long run, I'll keep training with him regardless. But if there's a way, I'd like to know and help him out.


That was my first idea and I did it one time. I looked up one well-researched article on what a "whole grain" really is by Chris Shugart's team on the PN website and let him read it. He did the whole glance, kind-of-skim, and then ask me what it was saying thing. I have a ton of articles and info I'd love to throw his direction- I just don't think he'd actually read them.


LOL. I have a feeling both this guy and the boyfriend would be pretty uncomfortable with that idea.


Put it in his pooper, that should straighten him out.


You can toss out interesting ideas, facts, concepts etc. every once in a while and if he seems interested tell him to check out __________ at __________. If he is interested, he will look. Maybe he will discover there is more than porn on the internet.


His or yours or both?






When are you talking about when you say stretching during a work isn't a good idea? There are systems based solely on this...

I stretch after every set..common for lots of folks

Heard of fst7?


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I'm going to go out on a limb here and make a pretty broad assumption about you, and then go from there.

You see, you've always struck me as one of those types of persons where people, when in doubt, do the opposite of whatever it is you're doing. Just to be safe. I think people assume that, since you clearly don't have your shit together (and never have) that whatever it is you're doing in virtually any area of your life must be wrong. I'll bet there are some people who know you who sometimes wipe their ass with their bare hand.

So, if you want to motivate this guy, show absolutely zero interest in nutrition. That's right, cram whatever the fuck it is you want right down your miserable little gullet. Whole sticks of butter, Jolt soda by the gallon, feces, whatever. This will straighten your partner out real fast. The longer you try to instill some positive nutritional information in him, the more likely it is he'll resist it. Forget about bringing others into the equation to shame him into it. Regardless of who is telling him to eat properly, he'll see you doing so and almost correctly assume that if you're doing it, maybe he shouldn't.


There's more than porn on the internet?



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