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Motivated By Randy Orton


The last year for some unknown reason i have gotten lazy,fat, and some would say a little stupid. i cant get into the gym anymore ,i have lost all will to get out there and earn my body.

Then out of no where while watching tv i got the motivation, i havent watched the wwe in a long while but i ran across the friday program and saw randy orton he isnt the biggest guy but god damn the kid is a stud. they listed him at 6'4" 245 lbs now im only 6'3" but in the last year i have balloned up to 255 and not a good 255 on the verge of sweatpants for all occasions 255.

When i worked out on a regular basis i just kinda was big by genetics and accident i guess.i never really put much thought into what i was doing or what i ate, at my peak i was 6'3 235 8-10% bf i just took it for granted now after seeing orton and walking past a miror with my shirt off i need help . how do i go about getting back into form im desparate i hate sweatpants someone please help !


The first thing I'm going to ask you is what your nutrition and training where like when you were over 230 and basically in single digit bodyfat? Sounds like you were definitely doing something right.


The WWE inflates those numbers too...they add like 30 pounds onto all the guys weights just for the sake of them sounding big i think.

I think you know what you need to do...don't play dumb. Most of us here will never reach 245 and lean at 8% BF, get back on your old program!


Screw Orton, Benoit and 'Taker would kick his ass


Yeah Big show is billed at either 500 or sometimes 507 but Ive heard/read in many places that he's really 485 or something. Still huge though but 500 obviously a milestone in massiveness!!


If you really want to be like Orton, you need to master the art of 10-minute rest holds


Stop complaining and get training fatso! The world is full of pathetic losers with no self-discipline.


ya know what man you might be an ass but your right.


i found an old food log i used a few years ago, lol for some reason i thought i use to eat what ever i wanted it seemed like all that was in there was tuna chicken steak and veggies with water. guess my diet now might be the big problem.


'Taker? You mean that slow, make-up wearing guy? Please WWE wants everybody to believe Undertaker is strong, but in fact he really isn't. In 1996, when he was at his strongest he barely powerslammed Kevin Nash. He's had feuds with men such as Big Show and Viscera, yet never lifted them. Something his "brother" Kane was able to do. I think Orton is as strong if not stronger than the "dead man".

Can't argue with Benoit though, that's a good solid fighter, strong too. Personally I like Kurt Angle, from a "can't beat him in real life" perspective.



Cut Taker some slack. He's an unbelievable athlete. At 40+ years old after countless surgeries, a peck tear, and a knee and hip that need to be replaced, he's doing pretty well. The best big man in wrestling history.



My point was that 'Taker would wreck Orton, either in the ring or in a real fight!!


Well dude, I suggest three options in terms of nutrition:

1) Read Berardi's Tailor Made Nutrition Articles, and follow an approach like that.

2) Read Lowery's Temporal Nutrition article. Another sound approach.

3) The third approach is The Cheaters Diet by Joel Marion. The article itself is not on T-Nation, but go to Google and type in "Practical Cheating by Joel Marion", and it should come up.

I feel any of these approaches will get you to where you want to be. Honestly, you do not sound that out of shape, it's just a matter of getting everything in order, and having the discipline to follow through. If you need some motivation, check out many of Shugart's blogs.

For your training, you should be hitting primarily compound movements, and there are a ton of good programs here. Anyway, I hope some of this helps. Good luck man.


Sometimes the best motivation is a slap in the face. You know what to do to get in shape! Lift, run, eat properly.


Yeah WWE always listed Shawn Michaels at 234 when he was a heel back in the early 90s and Bret Hart at 235. Alot of the height and weight is inflated.

I agree with Dean for the most part simply because its sad when just being fat isn't enough to get ya going,I mean if you lifted in the past how about instead of responding to this thread ya go get a gym membership and hit the weights. Deadlift,squat,bench,row,curl,pull up and chin up are all ya need to get started. Do three sets of eight or five sets of five to get started and read this site (and others), form your own opinions and go from there.


this is very true, i have a picture of me with perry staurn from back in 99, he is billed at 5'10", im 5'11" and i look about 6" taller than him in the photo. not to take anything away from these guys, alot of them are hoss' wwe just likes to add to the "awww" factor