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Motivate Me Please!


Hello I'm new here.

Thought I'd start a journal for motivation. Decided T-Nation seemed a good website with a lot of good knowledge here.

I've trained on and off for years but not really got anywhere. Lack of motivation and constantly changing routines pretty much explains it. Also my work can be tiring and stressful most of the time and I feel physically tired when I get home. Can stress make you feel PHYSICALLY tired?

Anyway, no more excuses and onto business....

I weighed myself today - 213 lb.

Height, bare feet 6'0

Age 33

Measurements today:

(don't laugh) :slightly_smiling:

Thighs thickest part - 23 1/2"
Thighs 3 inches above knees - 18" :frowning:
Waist sucked in - 35" lol
Waist normal 38" LOL/:frowning:
Right calf thickest part - 16"
Left calf thickest part 16 1/4"
Thinnest part right calf(below gastroc) - 12 1/2"
Thinnest part left calf (below gastroc) - 12 1/4"
Neck - 16 1/2"
Right - bicep 16"
Left Bicep - 15 1/2"
Chest - 45"
Shoulder circumference - 52"
Shoulder width straight line looking from front - 22"
Right forearm thickest part 13"
Left forearm 12 1/2"
Wrists 7 1/8"
Ankles 9 1/2"

So to sum it up you could call me a lazy-skinny-fat-ecto with the only natural blessings being shoulder width(not bad) and a very good appetite :slightly_smiling:

I train at home due to work problems/finish times but saying that I have a power rack and olympic set etc. so no excuses there.

I've never taken steroids and I'm currently only using whey and bulking with whole milk & real food(it worked a few years ago - strength went up fast but gained some fat too).

I'm not too worried about fat right now - I'm looking for gains in the big lifts and mass.

After much messing about I came up with this routine:

Tell me what you think...

Mon/Wed/Fri Tue/Thurs/Sat or any way I get 3 training days in a week.

Hyperextensions 1x15 w.u. (reg park did this plus I've bought the bench so I'd better use it)
Bench Press 5x5 light weight, medium weight, 3 sets top weight.
Supersetted with
Weighted Chin-ups 5x5 all sets top weight
Front squats 6,6,8,7,6 first 2 sets warm up ramping up.
Wide SLDL 8,7,6 legs wide and push rear end out bar travels along shins.Not a heavy move.
One leg dumbbell calf raises on block 2x12 same weight
21 total sets.

Hypers 1x15
Press behind neck 5x5 same as bench press.
Supersetted with
Weighted Pullups 5x5 same as chin-ups
Squats 6,6,8,7,6 same as front squats
Weighted incline sit ups bwx30, bw+15x30, BW+20(kilos)x30. Never increase this-token ab work
Supersetted with
Seated calf raises 3x20/f. If first set 20 then add weight next time, other sets to failure.
22 total sets.

Hypers 1x15
Trap Bar Deadlifts 5x3 ramping up to top set.
Rack rows 10,8,6 or 8,7,6(undecided)
Rack pulls as above undecided
Incline bench press 5x12/failure. If first set 12 then add weight next time,rest sets to fail
Supersetted with
One arm dumbbell preacher curls 5x12/f(I bought the bench so I'll have to use it!)
22 total sets.

I think it's a sensible bulking routine and achievable but I'm not a teenager anymore so it might take more work now. I'd like to get my calves arms and neck all to 17" for a start.

I'm not very strong but I'm going to work at the big lifts. I will try not to change this routine in 3 months unless injury or something causes me to substitute an exercise.

It pretty much covers mass and even some showy muscles...

Now I've just got to stick to it.

Hopefully posting here might get people watching and make me have someone to answer to if you see what I mean.

Thanks for reading.


All weights in kilos.

Hypers bodyweightx15 as a warm up for lower back.

Bench Press 70x5, 80x5, 90x5x4x3

Chins bw+16x 5,5,5,3,4

Front squat 50X6. 60X6, 70x6x5x4 (intended to do 8,7,6. will increase reps up to 8,7,6)

Wide SLDL 80x4x6x6 maybe should drop weight and get form right…

Db calf raises 20.5x10rx7l, x7rx2l left tendon I hurt 2 weekends ago. It’ll get better ok.

First session entered, some ok some poor.


Update - I managed to find a powertec t-bar row on ebay for a very good price and won it! So on friday routines I’ll be doing t-bar rows now after the trap bar deadlifts.

I had originally planned on rack-rows(rowing in a rack with a barbell from the rack pull position) but this type of t-bar device keeps you in a good safe position and is much better.

I hurt myself once doing old school t-bar rows with a bar jammed in a corner but t-bar machines tend to have angled footplates that put you in a safer lifting position and make it easier on the lower back. At least that’s what I’ve found.

I hope TBDL’s, followed by t-bar rows, followed by rack pulls are not too much for the back but bear in mind my other 2 training days are more vertical pulling back movements and hardly any lower back work so I think it’s ok to blitz the back like this on friday and do lesser, lighter exercises for other body parts the same day.

I never wear a weight lifting belt. The thinking being that I don’t want to pamper the lower back(Dinosaur training advice). Do any of you think this is a good idea or should I wear it for some exercises?


We’re getting some very hot, humid weather here. 33C today and still 27C when I trained after work at around 8:30pm. We don’t usually get weather as warm or humid as this in the UK so nobody here has air conditioning. My gym hut was boiling but I’m pleased I put in an effort.

Today’s training:

Hypers - bodyweightx15 warm up

Press behind neck 41x5, 46x5, 51x5x3x4

Pull ups bw+16x5x5x5x3x5

Squats 60x6, 70x6, 80x6x5x4

Incline sit ups bwx30, bw+15x30, bw+20x30

Seated calf machine 80x12x8x10

First time I’ve done squats(back squats)in a long time. I stopped doing them last year because I hurt my back using poor form.

I’ve been looking at rippetoe’s squat videos on youtube and I think I’ve finally got it. I’m using a low bar, full squat with all focus on hip drive/leading with lower back. I found this very comfortable.

To learn the form I’ve dropped the weight down and will gradually build up so that by the time I’m handling proper weights my form will be natural.

With the seated calf machine I also used to use more weight than this but I somehow have done something to my left, outer hamstring tendon and it isn’t happy about something. So for this reason I’ve dropped down and will build up again slowly.

I currently don’t use any supplements but just to clear up some injuries I am considering a cissus product at the same time as a glucosamine supplement.

Anyone had any joy with cissus here(for curing joint pain and fixing injuries)?


I just tried to post twice. Is there a problem? No posts have appeared…


Oops, I read the welcome message and it says that there can be a delay…sorry about that. Won’t do it again.


Today’s training:

Hypers BWX15

Trap Bar Deadlifts 88x4, 98x3, 108x3, 118x3, 128x3

T-Bar Rows 60x10, 62x8, 64x4

Rack Pulls 100x10, 102x8, 104x6

Incline Bench Press 65x12x10x7x5x7

Dumbbell preacher curls 16x12/12x12/12x8/8x8/8x8/8


Today’s training:


Hypers bwx15

Bench press 70x5,80x5,90x5x5x5

Chins bw+16x5x5x5x5x5

Front squats 50x6, 60x6, 70x8x7x6

Wide SLDL 80x8x7x6

DB calf raises (got weight wrong last monday session was using 21.5 by mistake)21.5x12/12x12/12

Did ok, gained some reps, Was tired after work but put in a good effort.

Weighed myself tonight 215lb, gained 2lb in 7 days. Waist measurement the same.

Also noted that I missed a hip measurement from the first post so, if I’ve measured it correct, then I think it’s 40inches.


Today’s training:

Hypers BWx15

PBN 41x5, 46x5, 51x5x5x5

Pullups BW+16x5x5x5x5x5

Squats 60x6, 70x6, 80x8x7x6

Incline sit ups bwx30, bw+15x30, bw+20X30

Seated calf raises 80x12x12x9

Still taking it easy with squats(dropped the weight to learn proper form).

Also still dropped weight on seated calf as I’ve still got a tendon/ligament pain behind left knee and this movement aggravates it.


Today’s training:


Hypers bwx15

Trap Bar Deadlifts 90x3, 100x3, 110x3 120x3, 130x3

T bar rows 60x10, 62x8, 64x6

Romanian deadlifts 60x10, 62x8, 64x6

Incline bench 66x12x11x9x6x6

One arm db preacher curls 16.5 x12/12x10/10x10/10x8/8x12/12

Changed from rack pulls to Romanian deadlifts. Started off light on this, will build up gradually.

Alll other lifts going well. Good.