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Motion Picture Miscasting?

Jay brought up an interesting thought on another thread that I thought would make a cool new one. Any thoughts on poor choices for actors and actresses in a movie role? Keep in mind that it really often works out okay. Prime Example: Shirley Temple was the overwhelming choice by focus groups and the studio to play “Dorthy” in the “Wizard of Oz”. Instead, Judy Garland got the role, and the rest is history! I can’t remember names, but along the way, I understand that there were some poor choices to play “James Bond” (with Sean Connery being the best overall; sorry Roger!). Well…any thoughts?

Not necessarily “miscasting”, but if the decide to film “Gladiator II” I want Mike Tyson as the lead. “C’mere you pussies. YOu want some a this? I’ll bite your F*&ing testikals awf. You think your swords are gonna save you mother F*&ers? It’s like swatting flies. Where the virgins at? C’mere you bitches!”

“MBE: Hollywood’s Promising Starlet-turned-Bodybuilding- Primate/young Adult since 1966.”


Dan Ackroyd as a human in any movie.

LOL!!! THAT’S funny stuff!!!

I’m really not into “miscasting” in movies - usually that means the director and casting people are not all that concerned with the end-product. Therefore, the film turns out poorly and I don’t like to see “bad” movies. But I’ll point out casting that has been successful: Peter O’Toole as T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) - please note that they originally wanted either Albert Finney or Marlon Brando. Sigourney Weaver as Ripley. The entire cast of Predator (“I ain’t got time to bleed…” - Jesse Ventura…what a great line…). The entire cast of Fellowship of the Ring. Frank Langella as Dracula (1979). Alan Rickman as the villain in Die Hard (my favorite Christmas movie). Errol Flynn as Robin Hood - and on that thought, bad casting would be Kevin Costner as Robin Hood. Isabel Adjani as the title character in Camille Claudel. Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones (and bad casting would have been if Tom Selleck indeed got the role). River Phoenix as a young Indiana. The Godfather (1 and 2 - NOT 3) cast. Wesley Snipes as Blade. Al Pacino in Scarface. Tom Cruise as Lestat. Michael Keaton as Batman (hey,I thought he worked out tremendously!). Michelle Pfeifer as Catwoman. The entire cast of Excalibur - especially Nigel Terry as King Arthur. Aw-nold as Conan. Oh, I’ve got more in my brain…but I gotta go now to pick up my boyfriend at the airport…I’m sure he has thoughts on this one. However, he believes a really good movie should have plenty of “fight scenes and 'splosions”. I like those, too - but sometimes I can go for something like “Amelie”.

Bandits, Billy Bob Thornton. Role had Jeff goldblum replacement feel.