Motility Issues

Not that kind of motility, but stomach motility. Ive had gastroparesis for three years now. Two of those I gave up training because of lack of being able to eat enough food.

Finally I started to just eat no matter what forcing it down even though often I felt bloated and full. THat was the only way for me to come back to bodybuilding.

WHat would you do If you could only eat five meals day, can maximally only get in 200 to 225 grams of protein a day , and fats are the hardest to digest as the slow everything down even worse? But you aren’t carb tolerant either so you cant do the chicken and rice thing.

I feel out of shere determination I built my strength back up but my body is still no where near where it used to be. Its like im just not getting the food in my system the way I used to. I can’t eat 400 grams of protein and take in 100 grams of flax, fish oil and oliveoil, I cant eat those huge alrge salads I used to.

Food seems to work against me not fuel me. The more protein I eat the worse I feel. I feel over loaded and toxic if I get to much protein and even healthy fat. You would only understand if you had stomach motility problems.

NOthing has helped, not medications, not probiotics, fiber makes things worse, nothing has been conclusive. So dont start firing off take probiotics , green powders and enzymes! Those dont help contractions, neither does the excepted licorice root!

I am sort of hitting a plateau based on not being able to eat all the food I know I need. But believe me I am doing TH BEST I CAN. between solid and liquid meals and sometimes eating when I m not hungry. I do notice my strength and body will fluctuate based from this problem.

anyone have some thoughts?

First of all, you probably don’t need more protein than 200g.

Ever try just eating meat, eggs, and vegetables?

And it may sound stupid, but are you doing things like squats, deads, and sprints? These exercises make me much hungrier than when i don’t perform them.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
So basically it is a mechanical problem with your GI tract yes?

Your smooth muscle of the intestines and stomach don’t want to contract to either mix food into chyme (in the stomach) or move food along the digestive tract (intestines).

I have to confess that I have never heard of this before, so thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Thinking laterally, the only subsatance I know of to cause smooth muscle contraction is the prostaglandin PGF2a, as used by some bodybuilders. I doubt that is the solution you are looking for however, sorry.

To be honest, If I were in your predicament, I would probably have experimented with intravenous infusion of nutrients.

But that’s only after I had researched and tried everything else…

I take it that you have tried ingesting only liquid meals?

You say that you have trouble digesting fats, which leads me to suspect that there are also issues with bile secretion or production. Fats require the least energy to break down into usable form. Ther may be issues with the liver, but I suspect that it’s more to do with an overall lack of parasympathetic stimulation of the entire digestive system by the vagus nerve.

Do you have any issues that might possibly compress the vagus nerve, preventing iot from properly stimulating the stomach, intestines, gall bladder, etc? Issues might be something like a musculoskeletal tightness/misalignment/buildup of scar tissue/poor posture in the cervical spine.

Have you tried rhythmic abdomen massage, or a heat source to increase blood flow to the abdomen (a hot water bottle for instance)?

I admit, I am reaching a little here, but you’ve got me thinking furiously…


You are the first person to ever hear me on this. Some got bits and pieces, and most responses on this forum were like the one above ( squat deadlift bench! eat fiber and protien man!) FYI I have been powerlifing \ bodybuilding since 14 Im 30. I built my deadlift back up to 495 for 3 times, after a long layoff from this digestive disaster.

Out of nothing but shere will. If I were digesting correctly O my GOD! I think I could win mr. Olympia or something!

I do believe I have BILE liver problems, I cant digest healthy fas especially fish oils! Man I used to thrive on fish oil, now I turn pale and stomach gets sour!

TO much liquid meals and my body Liver gets overloaded it doesn’t like being overloaded with protein at this time. I have to be very careful with what and how I eat.

In my opinion there are more than one root cause,
your right about nervous sytem, I think its also related to weak adrenals a bit from my body not getting what it needs.

I think the problems are as follows, NOT in any ORDER

PARASITE< YEAST OVERGROWTH( have tested for fungus and low good bacteria) I know they can hide ( poliquin recommended this route), Its very hard to treat correctly as they are resistant.CSDA show somethings and elevated tryglicerides confirm fats not being digested

possible HIATEL HERNIA causing food to get stuck in my traverse colon.

Low stomach ACID not ripping apart my protien, HIGH DOSE HCL DID NOT HELP MUCH NOR DO ENZYMES

Yes probably a SUBLAXATION of some kind , was getting art for awhile but finances have halted that I need to get an up to date x ray. Your probably hitting the nail on the head as my lower back does feel out of align maybe overly tight.

GALLBLADER LIVER PROBLEMS, I mostly feel these are overloaded from lack of digested foods, things sort of toxically built up back the liver and gallbladder up, I have not flushed or anything like that.

THis problem as aged me, taken my glow away, and taken my sex drive down from HIGH superman to just normal. THe worst of the worst of the wosrt are the developed manboobs, which are secret you cant see them unles syou squeeze my lower chest , but this kills me . I feel that what ever is going on has affected my androgens and no REZ V wasn’t the cure for this!

Low carb diets hmm, yes less imflamation but problems with protein digestion and fats make it very very hard to follow! I do better with some added beans ( but cause there own problems) even fruit but that can cause yeast problems)

DUDE if you are willing to help me strip this apart I would be so grateful as I have given up, and am on the ignore route but deep inside I want to be 100% again.!!!THis has taken parts of my life away about 4 years!

thats some interesting input, Ive never looked at the relationship between estrogen and digestion? I’ll try it as well as some anti E supps.

Based on the research I have done I Know the textbooks say different, but candida in the digestive tract is what causes problems with estrogen as part of their life cycel effects estrogen metabolism.

thanks for your support!

Bushy, where do you pick this stuff up? Cause I doubt you find anything on this site that goes that in-depth.

The only limited advice I have - which you’ve probably heard - is to chew your food really well. Try not to swallow - just chew until everything’s fallen down your throat.

Its weird Fats are hard to digest but meat proteins are the hardest. I have noticed when sugar is involved I bloat and get a coated tongue. LIke from PWO shakes. Thats why I suspect candida , and also from tests that I have had.

I tried eliminating it with diet, its basically atkins type. But WIth motility problems its a hard diet.

Candida can root in your system making it hard to get them eliminated. I guess there by product the body will percieve as estrogen.

This is very interesting connection and if I make progress I think it would help some people out.

about the ANTI E NOVLADEX, If I stop taking it will all my Estrogen symptoms just come back etc? ie MOOBS? ARE there any rebound possibilities?

Have you been checked for Crohns disease?

crohns is kind of a generalized term like IBS. I prefer the naturapathic explanations.


im a little nervous and dont want to get rebound.

I will tell you one thing I will do anything to get these moobs away as Ive never had them before and Ive never done steroids either to deserve tehm

I noticed gaspari nutrition looks to have some pretty good anti estrogen supps, maybe stacking or rotating them with rez and mehtoxy which also anti estrogenic, also poliqin recommends flax seed hulls and DIM.

My bad I miss understood Adex to be novladex? Im a prescription newby, I mean I know a bit but have never taken a natural anti e or roid.


what diet would you follow in my situation,
ive been force feeding 2 p and c meals and 3 p and f meals, it usually doesn’t go to well, but I did put muscle back on ignoring everything.

low fat typical bb diet feels to weaken me.

a low carb diet brings bloating down but gym performance sucks.

Believe it or not modified warrior diet kind of works with my motility issue but if your gonna be eating anything other then a home feast it falls short.

Other things I should mention sometimes the only way to get my bowels to stimulate is to take a low 1 capsule therm. HRX, or MD6 , or Spike. sometimes its the only thing to wake up my bowells/ I think this goes back to your parasympathetic explanation?

Man… So much craziness