Mother's Day

Just starting a thread because my mom is awesome, and I wanted to brag.
Happy mother’s day to all the vixens on here, and everybody feel free to post a story about something you’re thankful to your mom for, or something she did like a BAFM (bad ass fucking mom. You see what I did there?)

One story like that about my mom is that she was taking pics at the side of one of my football games, and a receiver got tackled into her. She got up before either of the players, and didn’t notice that she was bleeding until the coaches told her, telling us to keep playing.

For all of the T-Vixens who are not mothers…PM me.

My Mama = Fearless Defender of LOVE

My mom is awesome. I love her.

That is all.

Im taking my mom to a Viet Restaurant. Loud and Abrasive but she can be cool too. =D

my mom can beat your mom up

Hmmmmmmm. My PM box seems to be empty…

[quote]overstand wrote:
my mom can beat your mom up[/quote]

i dunt think so…


much thx to my own

Mom is awesome, I wouldn’t be here without her. And not just in the obvious way either.

Even while suffering with whiplash and nerve damage for over a year now (still no money, motherfucking insurance), she is still supportive of me in my final weeks of uni, my sister with her GCSEs and boyfriend problems AND still running her garden design business.
My mom is kewl.

My Maw is so awesome she’s getting TWO Mother’s days!

Thanks to Yo Daddy and all my children. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be Yo Momma.