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MotherRucker Training


Not really sure what to say here, but here goes. Former military, in my 30s, busy life and all that. I like the barbell lifts and messing around with kettlebells, and I really enjoy rucking and am training for my first GORUCK Challenge. Trained off and on for years. That's about it.

Current approach is a biweekly deal consisting of 3 strength workouts (Tactical Barbell), 3 conditioning workouts (running and BW/KB/abdominal movements), 3 days of rucking (two long, one short but heavy), and 1 "ruck PT" day.

Past few days...

Tactical Barbell. Being very conservative with my 1RMs for my first time through.
**Squats - 195 for 3 work sets of 5.
**Bench - 125 for 3 work sets of 5.
**Sumo Deadlifts - 215 for 3 work sets of 5.

**Pre-Fatigue: 20 minutes of interval running.
**Mission: Did a total of 15 chin-ups, 35 elevated push-ups, 40 one-arm snatches with the 16kg, 6 windmills each side with the 16kg, neck isometrics, and 75 reps in abdominal exercises (e.g. four count flutterkicks and hello dollies, leg raises, bicycles, etc.)

6 mile ruck with a 35# pack, pace was 14:15 per mile.

Off day. Rest, recover, stretch.


Tactical Barbell, same weights and reps as the 16th.

Forgot to mention the squats are Olympic-style (high bar, full depth - not a fan of low bar) and the sumos I’m currently doing double overhand. Once the weight gets too heavy, I’ll probably switch to a hook grip.


Passed on the conditioning as I had a nice long Father’s Day with the boys. Did some bowling, swimming, and grilling. Still wore me out a bit near the end.

3 mile ruck with 50#, my short/heavy day. Finished in 55 minutes, so average 18:20 pace. Nothing great but it was hot and hilly, so I’ll take it.

Off day/active rest. Lots of yard work and house chores.


Tactical Barbell, 3rd day of same weights and reps. Felt very easy today.


Up late the night before due to a family emergency, so decided to push training back a day so I could get some sleep.

*Pre-Fatigue: 20 minutes of running at a steady moderate pace.
*Mission: Did a total of 13 neutral grip pull-ups, 25 diamond push-ups, 20 double jerks with a pair of 16kgs, 2 Turkish get-ups per side with the 16kg, and 60 reps of abdominal exercises. Had to cut training a bit short near the end.


06/27 and 06/28:
Work and weather not cooperating, no training.

8 mile ruck with 35#, finished in 1:51. 13:53 pace.

Tactical Barbell, second block.
**Squat - 2 warm up sets, then 225 for 3x5.
**Bench - 2 warm up sets, then 145 for 3x5.
**Sumo Deadlift - 2 warm up sets, then 250 for 3x5. Still using double overhand.