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Mother Suffocates Boy, Buries Him in Playground



Suffocates him, REVIVES him, then chokes him AGAIN and then buries him.

Would it be ok for someone to hunt this chick down and just fucking kill her?? Why do we have to waste tax dollars on due process, in this case? Please someone answer me that?

What would be wrong with vigilante justice in this case? I don't get it. It's not like it needs to be "proven" that she did it, or that we need to know WHY she did it - she killed a 3 year old boy. Why not kill her?

I want someone to ask her that on camera: "Why shouldn't someone just kill you?"


Some people are better off dead but the gov't does not agee.

I was watching a story on the news a few days about this preist (I think) in Africa going around saying these random kids are possesed so he has the parents pay him 50 bucks to kill these younf kids or torture the evil out of the childern. The news reporters actually interviewd this scumbag. The reports hould have simply killed him right there.


What a piece of shit. There were far better options, if she truly wanted him to have a better life than she did as a kid. Or, don't have children....

She should be suffocated the same way her son was.

What a tragedy.


Some people just shouldn't be parents.


I wish there was a way of knowing if parents are going to be like that.


They should do the same to her


They should load up a bunch of prison inmates full of viagra and throw her in the middle of the bunch. She'll choke eventually


KILL her then hang her on main street of home town to be spit on




Thats a big can of worms you can open there...


I thought the same thing... but we'd have to kill her at tleast twice. Drowning is pretty painful. We could hold her heade under the water until she passes out and then revive her and do it again. She is messed up in the head...


You just shoot her in the back of the head with a 22. Her life has no value where she deserves to be tortured.

Then you dump her in an unmarked grave with the other scumbags killed that day and burn them.


well, looks like she isn't anymore :wink:


I have to admit, usually stories like this infuriate me. This one in particular, for some reason, almost has me in tears.

Being a dad means that I live my life with my son's best interests in mind. This woman was selfish and feeling sorry for herself. The options she had were within HER control.


this is truly a sad incident.



There aren't words to describe the things that she deserves to have done to her.


Here we go again. Its amazing how every such tragic incident is little more than incentive for some of us to feel a little holier at someone else's expense.

I do agree that a lot of people have no business becoming parents though.


Capitol punishment FTW


So everyone here thinks that whatever emotions she had that led her to kill her child are repugnant, but that the emotions that they have to torture her are valid? You can throw around the word "justice" as much as you want - but at the end of the day, all your arguments boil down to "I want to hurt her because it would make me feel good." (Saying that you want to hurt her because she hurt someone else is merely trying to explain why it would make you feel good - hurting her does not erase the pain she caused her child).

The reason that we require due process and forbid vigilantism is because of people like you - people who allow themselves to be led by their sense of indignation and disgust. It is not so much your conclusions as your method - how well would a country work if its justice system was not based upon prevention but upon how much anger the public had towards the accused? To sum up - you don't have to like the woman, you don't have to respect her - but don't pretend that you are so important that your emotions dictate the treatment she should receive.


I wonder how much the tax payer would save if all the pieces of shit like this didn't have to be housed and fed for the rest of their lives.