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Mother Stressing Out. Need Help


Basically, my mother seems to be prone to stressing out so much. If one little thing goes wrong she will be stressing out, losing sleep, feeling fatigued, weak and irritable all the time. It's pretty horrible to see and I can see her quality of life is affected by it drastically.

I want to suggested her a supplement to start taking the edge off things. For you that tell me that a supplement is only covering up an underlying issue, I know this, but I hope it will instigate a change in her outlook on life.

Hopefully 'bushidobadboy' can help here as I know he specialises in this field. I don't really want to prescribe her multiple different things to take as I think it will be hard enough getting her to take one. I'm assuming something to reduce cortisol will worst best here, but I don't really know.
Ideas i've had:
-Rhodiola rosea

Please give me some input/ideas to help me out on this one.


How old is your mom? Just FYI, women go through a lot of hormonal changes around the point in life that I would guess your mom is at. Instead of suggesting a supplement, why not suggest she just go see a doctor?


50years. But for most of her life she has not dealt great with stress. It seems that her adrenal response is overactive or something. If there is a slight problem in the afternoon, she won't be able to sleep in the evening. She claims she rarely gets more than 4/5 hours. I know that if this problem alone was alleviated then a lot of other related issues would disappear. I haven't suggested a doctor because it's not ruining her life or anything (it's just something I've noticed that if it was corrected I think she would be better off) and I also don't want a doctor to prescribe her SSRIs or something along that line.
-Would a supplement like Rhodiola Rosea be of any use here? Lower cortisol levels which would make it easier to wind down at night?


Dude, just know that you're pulling all this adrenal response and such completely out of your ass. It's one thing if it's yourself you're talking about--it's your mom...another person. If you're concerned about her, suggest that she go see a doctor. You might not want a doctor to prescribe whatever, but that's a decision that's hers to make, not yours.

Sorry to be on a preachy soapbox, but geez dude.


You are looking for a supplement when you should be looking for a doctor.

Everything isn't solved with a pill.

Ironic that she will likely end up getting a pill though...

That's pretty fucked up, huh?


it's psychological. Maybe there is some underlying cause of the stress. Could be hormones, however the body is very good at regulating those kind of things unless there is a legitimate medical issues. Suggest Yoga, or meditation classes. Exercise is scientifically proven to be the best stress reducer. consider evening walks.


Could be tons of things.

Since you're posting on this board, I would suggest you evaluate her current diet. What you eat can greatly effect your mood.


she just needs a chill pill bro


The best advice is to see a good doctor or naturopath who knows how to deal with any possible psychological issues (not saying she's crazy, rather the manifestations of what may be bothering her).

It is very difficult to prescribe supplements for an unknown condition. As you describe, there is an obvious stress/fear response going on. The cause of this is likely not simple, nor will the resolution.

To answer your query, rhodiola has been shown to work in similar situations and I myself have used the Biotest one with some success in a similar situation. Something like ZMA or Elitepro Minerals would help with her sleep in general. Another more accessible method to help with the body's general stress response is chamomile tea.

I would focus on a healthy diet and digestive enzymes, probiotics, and fish oil before other supps that attempt to deal with the adrenals or other systems. Also vitamin D at 5000IU/d and B12 at 3 times 1000mcg sublingual methylcobalamin along with a quality multivitamin/multimineral formula is a good idea. Fish oil at 2-3g/d EPA/DHA (6-10 normal pills, 3-4 Flameout) and probiotics at 18-24 billion CFU of a multi strain mix before each meal.

Perhaps the best thing you can do encourage her to talk and just let her work it out. Listen, but don't try to solve her problems. Basically passive support. If you are able, go for a walk with her in the evening. The fresh air and exercise along with your presence will help more than you think. Also, when relating your own day to day travails, try to put things in as positive a light as possible - not saying shit rainbows, just be philosophical rather than negative if needed.


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IF your diagnosis is correct: pantothenic acid (vit B5) supports adrenals (take in a.m.), magnesium before bed to help relax/sleep.


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