Mostly Form Issues

So I have been experiencing several issues in doing bench press and squat.

Firstly, I managed to improve in my bench quite a bit but this revealed problems.
One of them is shoulder pain. I use arched back form, I try to dig my shoulder into
bench and keep elbows tucked in, not 90o flaired out like in the past. When weight is
heavier, I tend to lose the arch and can feel that my chest barely works and triceps takes over.

For squats, I only perform high bar as low as I can. No issues in getting ass to grass. However, on my way out of the hole I find that my weight shifts towards toes and I do not really push with my heels. Also, I feel my quads working hard but can barely feel glutes activation. Before squats, I do glute activation warmup with resistance band. This happens when I work with around 90% of my max for 3-4 reps in each set. I am supposed to stay more upright when performing high bar squat but can feel core leaning forward with heavier weights.

For bench I will get some advice from a friend on Wednesday, I also will start doing Diesel Strength shoulder workout after main lifts. It should also aid in bench progress. For squats, I heard to focus on showing my crotch as I get out of the hole, i.e. keep knees out but I find that I can’t lift the weight this way and have to move knees inward to get out the hole.

Knees going in is normal in a deep squat.

However, from this post and your previous ones, it looks like your entire set up and technique are all messed up and you’ve not benefitted much from online advice.

Find a good coach in real life who can work with you.

Just to clarify, you were given good advice, but you seem to lack the body awareness to make use of it.