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Most Wicked Indeed


This thread is dedicated to Horror films. By horror films I don't mean idiotic slasher types like Friday the 13th or Halloween. I mean movies that leave you with that "why am I still alive" feeling. Movies with disturbing well thought out stories. You know any? Trust me, I do. I'm going to share.

My recent favorites are French films (they are available in English)

A L interieur



This one's American
22 Weeks

post movies that have chilled you, truly killed you for a few days. I'll be doing the same.


The only thing I can think of that even qualifies would be The Exorcist. I can't think of too many horror films that truly chilled me.


13 Ghosts scared the crap out of me. Probably not what the OP is talking about, but the ghosts in that movie were awesome


Event Horizon freaked me out. Many other people thought it was stupid though.

Exorcist is pretty spine-chilling

The Japanese version of "Juon" (The Grudge) was pretty good, in that it was probably the first haunted house movie that didn't involve a sprawling, decrepit mansion...just an ordinary residential house.


here is a somewhat mild movie, it has a scene in it that freezes everyone I've ever watched it with, EVERYTIME

its called St.Anne


[REC] was fucking terrifying.

Edit: Also, The Descent. Some of the claustrophobic parts early in the movie had me squirming in my seat.


I fucking love that movie.

Well, I'm personally more into the exploitation movies...

August Underground movies(all three)
Guinea Pig movies (all)
Cannibal Holocaust
Cannibal Ferox
Last House on the Left
I Shall Spit on Your Grave
Salo (120 Days of Sodom)

So - I just like fucked up shit. Take it or leave it.


Loved Event Horizon.

In the Mouth of Madness freaked me out back in the day. I haven't seen it in a pretty long while, though, so it might not be as bad as I remember.


Event Horizon was great

I'm glad you mentioned in the mouth of madness. I haven't thought about that movie in years. I think I will rent it this week end.

I typically tend to watch cheap zombie flicks. I really liked 28 days later for a revised look on the genere. 28 weeks later sucked. . .


I had to watch 28 days later and then run home stoned through a corn field in the middle of the night. It scared me shitless. I wrote a sweet paper on it in school and got a C-.

Grudge 3's ending scared me for a couple days..



I thought Poltergeist was bad when I saw it as a kid, but when I saw the Exorcist, I was truly traumatized. I didn't sleep right for awhile.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqqcBkpmsSA El Orfanado (The Orphanage)

Got to represent for my people. Mexican Director same guy who did Pans Labrynth. Guillermo Del Toro

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJJdJJ85Ir4 Cronos


Quarantine didn't leave me chilled but I jumped a lot. I don't normally do this for any horror flick.


Rockyy :wink: member this one?


Good call on The Orphanage. That movie just creeeped me out.


Another good call! Poltergeist messed me up as a kid.


I'm not easily scared anymore, but the movies that get me everytime are fucking zombie movies. I...HATE...ZOMBIES. I mean if shit went down in real life, I would level the complex and ask questions later. I would shoot up the pretty boy that drives the H3 just cuz I thought he was turning, but in the movies the atmosphere of helplessness they build always sucks me in.

My picks

  1. Dawn of the Dead (old and remake)
  2. Land of the Dead
  3. 28 Days Later
  4. Quarantine


I put these in the movies thread, but they really are worth watching. I wouldn't call them all horror but they do fit the - I mean movies that leave you with that "why am I still alive" feeling. Movies with disturbing well thought out stories - qualification.

Imprint - It's a Takeshi Miike film (he did Ichi the Killer), and if you like disturbing, you'll love it. It's stomach turning done beautifully. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OyR5xyLuuw

Let the Right One In - It's in Swedish, but I didn't notice the subtitles at all. The guys keep calling it a disturbing horror movie about vampires, but I don't think we saw the same movie. I thought it was romantic and happened to have vampires and carnage. Regardless, horror fans must watch. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICp4g9p_rgo

Sick: The Life & Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist - It's a documentary, the title says it all. Wickedly interesting (deviation from the norm always is) but you have to have a really strong stomach, it's got some hardcore BDSM. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cx2av87Lc1I


Entirely devoid of true shivers but oh-so-very-worthy of mention in ANY horror-flic-related discussion:

Bruce Campbell is DA MAN! :smiley:


The others don't compare to it. I haven't watched the American remake, but I'm sure it lost some edge over the original