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Most Valuable College/University Course


I'd be interested to hear other people's account of their most valuable courses while at university/college.

Mine would have to be statistics, research design, and scientific communication. I found they had given me a much greater ability to understand, decifer, and sort information with respect to it's applied usefullness. Those courses have remained a backbone throughout my entire academic career and beyond. I don't know where I'd be without them.

Courses I wish I had taken more of... English. I think the improvement of one's primary language is a wonderful means to improve one's communication ability, which has universal applications. It was never one of my strongest subjects as a kid, as I was always a math/science guy. Obviously it's never too late. Learning doesn't have to only take place in the classroom either. :slightly_smiling:


Statistics, English, and Anatomy & Physiology

Least usefull: Psychology and Sociology


1) High school typing. Without this class I would still be typing research papers from college! I hated the class at the time and felt it was a waste of my time...

2) Organic chemistry. Without this knowledge I would have been pretty lousy at my job!

Least useful class would have to be Intro to Acting...no idea why my advisor encouraged me to do this my freshman year. I had to write a 20 page character analysis paper! WTF? Plus I found out I am a horrible actor...no shit that's why I gave up on trying to lie to people when I was a kid!


Accounting. English. Electricity (2 courses) Physics.

I think the most worthless was communications class. Though interesting sometimes, most of its common sense. Sociology too was interesting at times but overall a yawn.


The more I dwell on this, the more I realize that English courses were the most valuable to me overall. Keep in mind I am still a sophmore in college, although in a major that has nothing to do with English(Human Biology).


The history of rock and roll


Film comedy


Microbiology, and Anatomy and Physiology were probably the most valuable.

The one I enjoyed the most, however, was one advanced "creative writing" class I had. Our professor allowed plenty of open discussion and the assignments weren't just busy work.

For me, any class that allowed me to use biology, writing or music was a class I tried to learn more than the curriculum. That made essays in Microbiology (term papers) easy as hell and a way for me to make some extra cash from other students by..."proof reading" their papers.

The other most valuable was Calculus. He was a REAL teacher. Before college, I thought math was my weak point (due to several poor excuses for math teachers all of the way through school). He made it seem like poetry and it clicked. I think his class was the first time I figured I could learn anything if I just got the basics down.


Physiology or Sports Nutrition and Biomechanics + motor learning.

I loved Physiology classes at 9am on a monday morning, the lecturer who took the class really gave it an "applied" spin, which made learning it all the more enjoyable. And i learned to hate wingate testing (WANT).

Sports Nutrition classes where taken by Claire Harrison who is head Nutritionist at Middlesbrough football club (name drop :)). Despite the occasional Soccer spin on things she really made classes interesting and taught alot of useful Supplement science. Most of the class detested the bio/chem elements of the subject but i loved it.

At first i struggled with the advanced physics involved in Biomech, But once we got into more practical realm everything started to fall into place. And motorlearning was just cool, how the brain controls everying essentially, even stuff i thought would be relavant, the lecturer throwing balls into the group to test our reactions and using a deflating ball that messed with judgement, it was alot of fun.

I despised Sports therapy and issues in sport and exercise


Statics and (Edit:) Dynamics
Those courses made me see the world in a completely different way. I think I apply some of that knowledge almost every day.


I forgot about highschool typing! I didn't think it was all that special at the time, but it's definitely an important skill now. I cringe when I see people typing with only one or two fingers.


Any class that is required by the Nursing major. I remember sitting in a class and there were all these hot chicks with gigantic breasts and I was trying to figure out why they all were in this class. My friend was a Nursing major and he said all the classes for his major were like that.

On the other hand, my Greek history class had few women and they were all ugly.


I hate Microbiology, and am currently and thorougly getting my ass kicked in it. Most valuable classes (or classes that I actually enjoyed) would have to be U.S. Gov't and History and Psychology; three classes where I actually learned something...


Haven't graduated yet, but from my civil engineering interning I would say statics and all the math classes.

My favorite class? History of Rock and Roll.


dropping out


At undergrad level - food product development and food chemistry.

postgrad - dairy chemistry

At school I like English, the teacher was cool.


All of my Chemistry courses, Physiology, Molecular Biology, Medical Microbiology.
Early on I enjoyed Psychology and both of my Writing courses.


History and more History. Before going to college i didn't know jack shit about politics or world/US history. I was like most kids and took what i heard as facts. After taking an entry level US history class with one of the best teachers i ever had, i am now a history fanatic.


For me, the most valuable courses that I've taken are the two Organizational Behavior type courses regarding leadership that I've had. One was called Managing People (but was totally about leadership) and the other was called Developing and Managing work teams (also based on leadership but much more in depth). Most people hated those courses but I learned so much.

The most useful class I've had is History of Rock. Everyone needs an elevtive but I didn't learn jack!


I'd say the most valuable for me were the Spanish courses I took. That allowed me to travel to Bolivia and Spain for practically nothing during my time in school. It has also come in handy stateside... those Mexicans aren't going anywhere


Game Theory! Awesome. There has been a lot of coverage on game theory courses and for good reason - it's amazing.