Most Valuable Books for Lift Mastery

Currently reading the Westside Book of Methods and wanted to see what other work people have found helpful. I’m focused on improving my deadlift and my squat since I feel pretty confident in the bench at this point. I would also like to find some work on programming for powerlifting meets and some deadlift and squat technique manuals from reputable people.

Thanks all!

For me, learning lifts from a book is similar to trying to learn martial arts from a book. Pointless

Maybe that’s the way my brain is programmed however

Probably better getting that info from YouTube.

I feel that developing mindset is easier deciphered from books

Brawn is a good starting point

I hear you and agree to a point. This is obviously an activity that requires a lot of visible reference but I need to augment my knowledge in the gym. I’m getting to a point where training is becoming very methodical and I want to understand the mechanics behind the lifts and the programming.

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