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Most Useless Equipment in the Gym?


What is the one piece of equipment in your gym that you never use, and why?

For me, it's probably the 4-way neck machine. I could maybe see it if you had a neck injury and needed to do rehab, but would much rather spend my time on other lifts.


The assisted dip/pullup machine.


Smith Machine


The Personal Trainer.


[quote]Kruiser wrote:
The Personal Trainer.[/quote]

+10 LMFAO!


[quote]horsepuss wrote:
The assisted dip/pullup machine.[/quote]

Actually, I use this one every week…for one arm pullups.


[quote]Kruiser wrote:
The Personal Trainer.[/quote]

Ok, you got me there lol.


leg abductor



Obvious… Bosu ball.




The membership card scanner. Dang thing gets me thrown out everytime I enter…


PTs lol! The stupid lower back machine and guys wearing fitted caps at lower than brow level and ILS


AB/ADductor machine

Torso Rotation machine


[quote]horsepuss wrote:
The assisted dip/pullup machine.[/quote]

lol wut

The crunch machine. Seriously…


That which I do not utilize must be useless.


Torso Rotation machine for sure


the pussy pad.


Either the plate-loaded crunch machine or the torso rotation machine.
Also, I never fail to see at least one person super-setting bench presses with one of them.


[quote]Aigriculteur wrote:
Smith Machine[/quote]

I was going to say that… however I still use it as a chin up bar lol


The other people telling you how to lift properly when they do not bench, squat, or dead.