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Most Useful Information

I am rather new to T-Nation, but I have gone through a massive paradigm shift about my training just from my short time here. I think it would be really cool if we could create a topic that people could write down the one thing that they learned from this website that MOST impacted their training lives. It could be like a “cliff notes” for training.

I will start out:

The MOST effective piece of information that has impacted my training is to lift, not just to move the weight but to really engage all the involved muscles and lift with a great concentric phase. By doing this, instead of just lifting the weight, I have REALLY increased all my main lifts. Not only that, but it seems that my muscles are also being taxed more, and causing greater hypertrophy.

You grow in the kitchen, not in the gym

Reading Cycles for Pennies totally changed many of my thoughts about training.

Cliff notes of that: lifting heavier and heavier weights for reps on key exercises as freqeuntly as possible while eating your way up to dramatically larger size.