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Most Underrated Bodybuilder?


Who in your opinion was one of the most underrated BBrs. I know there are many out there and according to each person's preference the differences will be extreme but I'm going to go with Shawn ray as my choice. This guys was just flawless at all times.


Aaron Freaking Baker...


Aaron Freaking Baker x2

And I'd add to my list Chris Cormier and Kai Greene... well, depending on what you mean by 'underrated'...


I'm glad you posted this, IC.

I was looking at pics of Shawn last week and thought to myself that he was an uncrowned Mr Olympia.
Flawless is correct!


That dude is a beast. I wish I had a back like that.


Definitely agree on Baker. His was one of the physiques that originally inspired me to start training... He made something of a splash, then pretty much was never mentioned again. Weird. Don't know the story behind it, how's he doing these days?

Ink, I honestly don't think that Shawn Ray was ever underrated... He had plenty of fans and was very high profile in general... (and the butt-end of a good few of Yates' best jokes haha)

He just never stood out enough compared to the others on stage imo...


Mine goes to Phil Hernon.


One time he brought one of the absolute sickest physiques ever (even compared to the guys of today)...


Frank Zane - going old school.


Good choice, too.

Phil is still big I think... Still training hard.

One of the most influential high frequency guys, and put up some pretty impressive weights in the day IIRC.


No, not underrated at all...


Underrated? :wink:


Actually, a bit OVERrated, IMHO.


He kinda comes off as the favorite BBer of non-BBer people.


The only figure girl ever to win the Mr. Olympia title. Wrong changing room, and it got worse from there.

Just kidding folks. Seriously though, Zane got plenty of attention back in the day and still does on the forums... But it's not surprising that he isn't as famous as Arnold (anymore).



I will say this in Frank's defense. I once saw him at a BBing show selling his wares in the lobby (back in '78). He was larger than expected. His tiny wrists and small waist really gave him the illusion of larger muscles.


Huh, while I agree I thought you preferred the more aesthetic physiques?


Alright then. How about Lee Labrada?


Underrated... ahem, ^^^^^. Never "officially" higher than 6th at the Olympia? No, No. There are no politics in bodybuilding.

Also, x2 on Chris Cormier. Lines like Ray or Flex, strength like Coleman. Ha.

What, huh? Do tell.



Made a huge splash though, being the first(?) guy with that kind of conditioning and still the idol of every contest prep guy ever.

But yeah, he's not often talked about by the average trainee today, is he... So I guess he fits a lot better than Zane.