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Most supps ordered at once?

Yo all, im just curious, whats the most amount of money you have spent at once ordering from biotest?

6 x MAG10 = $351.82
For a strenght cycle :0)

Well last week I bought 4 bottles of MAg 10, and well since biotest has a new special offer, I bought 4 more. That’s probably the most i’ve ever bought directly from biotest. I usually get my stuff from a store nearby since prices are very decent (in Canadian) and I don’t pay any shipping/custom fees. Anyways this massing phase is going to be costing me around $2,000. I have all my grow bars/grow mrp/low carb grow/supplements ready! I’m just finishing up a rebound.

Hesus-Christo! Makes me wish I had money. Me? Like $250, for the old MD6/T2-PRO/Methoxy stack.

300$, included md6, t2pro, methoxy, low carb grow, androsol, zma.

were u happy wioth ur gains after spending that much money?
the most ive spent is probably around 120$

Actully I stocked up on some stuff, like 4 containers of grow, 3 md6, 3 zma. That will last for a while, and its saves shipping cost too.

Here’s a copy of my invoice from the VIP sale.
As you can see, I rellay like Low Carb Grow - “it good!”


1 MAG-10™ Pro-Steroid Delivery System

1 VIP PACK - GROW!™ Vanilla 2, Chocolate 2

1 VIP PACK - GROW!™ , Vanilla, 4

1 Maximize Testosterone: Tribex-500 2, M 2

1 Testosterone T-shirt 100 % Cotton XLarge

2 Biotest Surge™ 2 lb (908 g)

1 GROW!™ Protein Bar, Lemon - 12 bars


Probably around $600 bucks.

let’s see
mag-10 - 60
md6 - 20
2 methoxy - 60
t2 pro - 24
tribex - 25
whey - 30
Total - 219 plus shipping bout 225…im like a kid in a candy store with supps wish i had more money to spend.