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Most Successful TMUSCLE Contributor?


Out of all the TMUSCLE authors and yes there are many of them who do you think is the most successful one? Which TMUSCLE author is making the most bank!?


Charles Poliquin! The guys got Poliquin Performance Centres all over the US and Canada, his own line of supplements, teaches seminars that cost a shitload and are always sold out. He's ballin' outta control!


LOL yeah your right I got to give it to him that guy is doing his thing I don't know why I didn't think about him he's got so much different sources of revenue coming in he must be living pretty good :slight_smile:


Poliquin and Cosgrove are both very successful.


Motherfucker, I demand punctuation marks!


Cy Willson.

Say what you will about Poliquin's commercial success, Cy walked with God and was not*.

*old testament reference. Enoch.


I was thinking the same thing...that shit just hurts.


Poliquin a scam artist. Most successful in dollars maybe, but plenty of people in the S&C community hate him for good reason.


You guys have trouble reading or what?


Be advised that commercial success is not equivalent to legitimacy; otherwise Bill Phillips and Bob Green are the world's leading trainers. Personally I think CP has the biggest scam going.


John Berardi has done quite well with Precision Nutrition.


I would have to say CT.


Just curious. On what are you basing your assumption?


What? He used a colon and a parentheses at the end.


Are you telling me I can't add 18 pounds of muscle to my frame in two weeks by mega-dosing fish oil?


You have trouble writing?


Ask David Boston how Poliquin added muscle to his frame.


I think John Berardi is doing well for himself, but I also think he is one of the most straight-down-the-line guys out there, even though he may not be writing for TMuscle anymore (or not for a while). He, to me, has always written about the most logical and least-bullshit solutions and idea's when it comes to training and nutrition.

Either way, what does it matter?


I would put Shugart and Berardi near the top of the list even when not considering money. (I'll bet Berardi is doing pretty well cash-wise too.) How many lives have they each changed, including their own? Plus, look how far they have come from their humble beginnings. Thibs and Dan John are both up there too. Heck, who ISN'T up there?


i doubt any of them do quite as well as you may think, depending of course on what your definition of "doing well" is.