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Most Successful Cycle?

I’ve got to ask everyone here out of curiousity.

What’s the most successful/efficient cycle you’ve done, and what were the results, both in mass and strength gains on your lifts?

Oil base tes. 6 weeks cycle. I started with .5cc two times a week and worked my way to 2cc twice a week then back down to .5cc.

I was at 172 pounds with 16% body fat. At the end I was 210 and 10.5% body fat.

I use dumbbells for just about everything and my press went for 60lbs to 110lbs bumbbells. The gym I was at did not have anything more than that so I would use the 110’s to do my flys.
Squats went from around 300 to 510 free weights.
I just did it one time and had no problems with it. I would just get up at 2 or 3am and kill the kitchen. I would eat everything i could find.

Nice. That jump in squat poundage is freaky.

It had a lot to do with pushing much harder than I ever had before. I was 25 at that time and I have always had large legs. Thanks to Dad and playing football for 6 years as a lineman. I grow so fast that the guy that was working with me told me that he had never seen anyone grow that fast and he had done 6 cycles and big as a tree. Now I’m 41 and workout but not like I did at that time. Just trying not to look like most of the guys at 41. : )


Now, I’m not looking to start on the juice. I’m getting good progress as is, but I’m curious about results everybody has had, as most people here are much more intelligent (and interesting to talk to) about training than the idiots MTV finds.