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Most Stupid/Embarassing Moments......


I'm a long time lurker in T-Nation and I thought I?d share with you folks what happened to me yesterday. Prior to entering the gym, i thought i felt the urge to defecate. After 5 minutes of face contortion, i'm momentarily bewildered when nothing came out of it! Ok, so i'm thinking that maybe my bowels are playing tricks on my mind. With this in mind (+ the urgency to finish up my workout and shower all in 45 minutes before my lecture), i went ahead with my workout having the "crappiest" feeling. Enter, the SQUAT. Focusing out my rectum and anything resembling "crap", i proceeded to warm up with two sets of squats (135lbs and 225lbs respectively). That felt alright, and than it was 315lbs for 8, and this was ass to heels mind you. First 4 reps were strong, 5th rep initiated a fart and than on the 6th as you have probably expected by now, pop. The weights pretty much exploded upwards from there. I racked the weights and calmly waddled to the restroom. There, everything came out fluidly and i had to dump my underwear. Well despite the brief interruption, I went back out and finished 3 more sets of squats ala ?free willy? style!

I am just wondering, have any of you committed anything stupid/ embarrassing like this or anything remotely similar?


It's only stupid if people see it. You're fine on that, I think.

It's only embarassing if people know about it. Good job.


I remember back in 8th grade I was showing off my strenght gains. I was on my 9th or 10th 1 arm push up, when all of a sudden a big fart slipped out and even my teacher across the room heard it. I finished off a couple more reps, damn near exploding all the vessels in my head(at least thats what my buddies told me my dark red vainy bald skull looked like). Got up, walked across the room with my "Bad Ass" swagger. The teacher said something smart, I just laughed her fat ass off, with my chest puffed up. Sat down next to my click & and most awesome "pretty,tight,cheerleader girfriend" and nothing more was said.

Good times,



My gym provides shirt and shorts... I figure no reason to do extra laundry, so I always train "free willy style" as you so elegantly put it ^^


You're going through the lost and found aren't you... thats just nasty.


In the 7th grade during Gym class. I was climbing the rope and ripped a fart in some dude's face as he was holding the rope. At the time I was so embarassed I wanted to die. It hunted me all the way to the end of 7th grade.

I never thought about it until I read this post...thanks for stiring up the bad memories... ; )


The fart hunted you all the way to the end of 7th grade?


The embarassment did because people kept bringing it up.