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Most Ridiculous Ticket You've Gotten


I just received a $91 ticket for going 40 in a 35(I was going 38-39) coming off of a bridge where everyone goes 45-50. I want to cry like a little baby. Hopefully the judge will just throw this out, because it is rediculous.

Anyone have some good stories??


39 in 25 where its comin off a deep deep hill, if u dont ride ur brakes ud hit 50.....fought it and won.....

dont cry like a baby...fight it


47 in a 45 while in high school. Small town fat cop on a power trip. The judge just assigned an essay that all the kids in town just passed around to each other. Cost me 25 cents to print it out at the library.


Funny this thread came up because this weekend I got a fucking jwalking ticket at 430am Sunday morning while I was out jogging...hahaha, okay I was coming back from the bar, but I walked over a mile back to my apartment instead of driving and I'm rewarded with a 75 dollar ticket from a cop who tells me I did a very dangerous thing and he's doing it to protect me in the future...fuck you very much cop, you can take your protection and shove it deep up your self-righteous ass.


Box Seats at Bon Jovi two weeks ago in Denver.

they were rediculous!


Was a passenger when my friend passed a truck on a bridge because dirt and rocks were falling out the trucks bed and scratching his car. 60 in a 35. Cop didn't want to hear shit. $248. My friend did cry like a baby.


I think that is the only jaywalking fine I have ever heard of. That stinks!


Fight the ticket, people quite often win fighting the tickets.

Alternatively just wear it and be a good fellow in the future.

I was booked once for going 75 in a 60 zone. 6am on Sunday. 6 lane divided road. Not another car on the road, except the cop, who was going the other way. Oddly though he apologised for giving me the ticket. The next week, the speed limit was raised to 80 in that zone. doh! $180 down the drain


Technically not ridiculous tickets I got, but my bro just got front row seats for the Stones at the Bellagio. His friend's mom is a high roller, and the casino gave her the tickets as a perk.


Yeah it was agrivating to say the least. My friend was with me and he said "Dude, theres a pig over there." I didn't even slow down because I wasn't going very fast.

"Do you know what the speed limit is?"
uhh 35 officer?
"how fast were you going"
Maybe 39 tops
"i had you at 48 miles an hour, and my radar is very accurate"

Fucking lying peice of shit. 48 my ass. He lowered it to 5 over and told me he was "doing me a favor."

edit: After long contemplation the most logical solution to this problem is for me to kill his dog.


I've thought about going into court over it, but is it really worth a day of my time for 75 bucks? Even just going in based on principle, that's at least a whole morning in court and I can't really stand going to our courthouse because parking is ridiculous here...I don't know...the worst part is I was doing my best to be courteous because I had been drinking and I didn't want a PI on top of the ticket, I thought I was just going to get a warning and off to bed.


Got pulled over once for having only one tailight...

I was driving my 1941 pick-up truck. It was manufactured with only one tailight. Only one windsheild wiper too.
No ticket. I think the cop just wanted to look at my truck.


High school tassle hanging from rear view mirror.

Sticker on front windshield.

Fog lights on during daylight hours with no fog present.


Speaking of which - you should see these Yankees tickets I get, I sit right behind the K on the dugout for 3-4 games a year (love them or hate them, they are ridiculous seats)



I've probably got at least 10 fines from speed traps but my car has plates from another country, so I'll never get charged. I've been stopped in numerous road blocks and they just check my license and let me go.

I speed up when I see a camera coming up.


back in the college days, i was sitting shotgun when my buddy got pulled over for a busted front headlight. when the cop asked if we had anything with us in the car, he replied, "just my pipe. we don't have any buds," and showed her his much-used, blown-glass piece that was sitting out in plain view.

she responded with, "don't worry, that's not a drug here anyway," while she finished writing up the fix-it ticket. we were in berkeley at the time.


Most of the time when you get pulled over for something retarded like this the cop is either trying to meet a quota, something I don't think departments should do, or needs an excuse to do a sobriety check.

I've been pulled over for all sorts of silly things on Friday and Saturday nights, especially on a college campus. Never gotten a ticket for any of them.

I guess I don't ever mind getting a speeding ticket. I know occasionally I will speed dangerously for one reason or another and a ticket serves as a reailty check. After seeing things like amputations, quadriplegia, and a vegetative state because of car accidents... well I can't bitch about a cop trying to enforce obviously posted laws that I should be following anyway.


It's ridiculous dammit!


Apparently in Texas they are now ticketing for having writing on the frame around your rear license plate. The one I had wasn't even something I put on there --- it had the name of the dealership where I bought my truck. This MF didn't give a shit.

This was on about Dec 23rd to boot! Merry Christmas from HPD! You fucking cocks!


21 mph in a 15 mph zone in my parents neighborhood.


yeah if i had to sit that close to puffy mcblowlips i'd be worried about my anal virginity also.