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Most Respected Sport on the Planet?


I would assume it would be boxing or wrestling, since they're ancient sports of warriors. Which sport do you think the majority of the men respect the most?


there are such things as stupid questions...


Trophy Wife hunting...


This fucking TROLL CUNT starts the same type of thread every week!





Poon Diving


The World Beard And Moustache Championships


The Bird Man contest of Rapa Nui seeing as how you were pretty much president of the island if you won it.


Who cares ... this is the beginning of a hilarious thread!


which planet?






Ah easy. Drinking beer.


I can't believe nobody has stated the obvious... Ping Pong all the way.


Better question, what is the least respected? What I mean is, a guy that I work with was on the Mexican Olympic Vollyball team. Now I am guessing that the level of vollyball in Mexico may not be amazing and I have zero interest in volleyball however I still consider that to be at least slightly impressive. What is the sport that if someone showed you there Olympic or World Championships Gold medal your reaction would be 'so what'?


Curling, golf, darts, pool or ping pong.


Tough question. Maybe walking? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2urNVmKnEaQ&feature=related

I'm sure those guys work damn hard, but it's still too hilarious to take seriously.


Yeah good one. You have to be in amazing shape but you look like a twat.

Also have to agree with Curling, it's one of those things where I think, give me 6 months and I could probably be good at it, I'm not because I just don't care (I am sure I am wrong and it is really difficult, it just doesn't look it.)



Oh wait, this is the guy that thinks the NFL is watched by 6 billion people, so probably that