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Most Reputed Pharmaceuticals Only Manufacture Testosterone Blend?

I just started my TRT journey. My endo asked me to wait some more time and get retested before starting TRT. My symptoms are getting worse day by day and I can’t wait for another 6 months, hence started TRT on my own.
Since I am from India, I can get access to any medicine without prescription legally(except sleeping pills). All the reputed pharmacists only manufacture blends ( like a mix of enanthate/propionate) which doesn’t help to achieve stable serum concentration even if used at 3 days interval.
The single ester 10ml vials I am able to get my hands on are not from pharmacist but from underground, manufactured by “Soviet russian pharmaceuticals”.
Currently I am left with no option but to use “testoviron” which has 110mg TEST E and 25MG TEST P. or risk using underground TEST E 250mg/ml, 10 ml Vial.
Any logic behind the reputed manufacturers not producing single ester TEST?

No, there’s no logic to it. And it’s not like India isn’t a place filled with a ton of smart and entrepreneurial people. My guess is there’s some dumb government rule that makes blends more profitable or easier to get cleared. But that’s just a completely wild guess. Because it makes no damn sense.

So get smart and inject daily to outsmart the blend. At this point its what makes sense considering the possibility of inconsistency.

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@middleages is right.

You report that the Test P is only around 23% of the blend. Test P is not Test suspension… Test P has a 20 hour half life. So, between the large % of Test E and the half life of the Test P, you could inject every other day and your T levels would not fluctuate hugely.

You could run various alternatives through a steroid calculator and see. I did: https://www.steroidplotter.com/