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Most Reliable Guns

Im considering purchasing a gun, probably a rifle as I don’t have a pistol permit. What do you guys recommend? Im looking for a gun that is reliable and low maintenance, essentially something I can get a lot of use out of and wont have to worry about constant repairs/breaking.

A pistol permit for owning a pistol?

What do you want to use said firearm for?

Target shooting mostly. I used to go trap shooting with my 12 Ga, but haven’t gone in a long time. Im not into hunting, because I like animals more than I like people lol. Even though bacon is delicious.

I live in NY you need a permit to own a handgun here.

And on another note, Ive always wanted to own a Thompson Contender.

This may seem laughable, but if you just want it for target
shooting I’d get a 22. Cheap and loads of fun.

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Heavy is good. Heavy is reliable. If it doesn’t work, you can always hit him with it.

If the application is strictly target shooting, why did you title the thread “Most Reliable Guns”? For target-shooting purposes just about any modern firearm will be perfectly reliable.

If you just want something for plinking that is durable and easy-to-maintain, but not necessarily the MOST reliable, I’d recommend a Ruger 10/22.

I’m honestly not sure what the MOST reliable long guns would be. Probably breach-loaders, if I had to guess.

Build an AR.

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The Henry AR-7 Survival rifle is a good short distance target rifle. It uses cheap ammo (22L) and isn’t too expensive. I just bought one a few weeks ago and put 500+ round through it and haven’t experienced any malfunctions.

Pump shotgun, good quality. Remove the plug. 3 in shells, 12 gauge, 00 buck. Do not get one of the cool ones with a pistol grip. Just a shorter-style one. Any idiot can use this.

If you can swing the price, spring for a “marine” (as in water, not “Marine”) one, since they are corrosive-resilient and can handle neglect. They cost a couple hundred more.

If you can get a pistol license (sorry about living in a communist area), get a .357 revolver, preferably a Smith & Wesson, Colt, or Ruger. Put .38 specials in it.

If you like animals you should either be a hunter, or a vegetarian. As far as rifles, a bolt action is as worry free as you’re going to get, but you should still clean and lube it regularly.

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If you know your weapon/gun, keep it clean, and understand how it works in and out-- every weapon is reliable these days, granted it is from a reputable manufacturer.

Sure, there are rifles the you can drag through the mud, shoot from the inside of the sun or whatever-- but mostly, it is all the same. You should choose a rifle based on what you want it for or what it is intended purpose will be. There are limitations to ALL guns. Every gun has pros and cons.

For target shooting or plinking, get something with cheap ammo (.22LR for example). If you like the AR platforms, you can get them in these calibers. They are very fun to shoot.

.223, .308, etcetera has gotten ridiculous on price. So, strictly for short range target shooting (<300m), I would consider ammunition cost.

As Evolv said keep it clean and know your weapon.
Lever action rifles are very reliable and reasonable in price. Everything from a .17 or .22/.22mag to 30-30 to 45-70 to .50 Alaskan. Even more powerful if you go custom like a Turnbull.
Not the choice if you’re target shooting 300+yrds but it’s always fun to go John Wayne or Chuck Connors at that paper target bad guy!

Thanks everyone.

I have a few options:
110 Savage - friend who served in the Vietnam War said this would be his rifle of choice. From what Ive seen it has good reviews
Thompson Contender - not a rifle but Ive always wanted one
Ruger MK III Hunter - another beautiful pistol that I probably cant afford
AR-7 - a neat breakdown rifle.

As may have been mentioned before…this is a great compromise if you actually want to move volume rounds and not spend a dump truck load of money.

M&P15-22 .22 LR