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Most Recent Meet Write up w/ Videos 440/319/622

I competed last Saturday at the APF Michigan State Meet in the AAPF Raw 198 LB class. I finished with a 1383 total and two state records but was a little disappointed in my squat performance.

Warm ups for squat were kind of rushed. I hit my 390 opener fairly easy but felt a lot of tension on my quad/hip right after. Went for a 5 lb PR and a new state record with 440 and got it but it felt like shit so I waived my third attempt.

Bench was about 4-5 hours later. Back cramped up on my opener of 292 but I got it easily. Jumped to a PR or 319.5 and then missed 330.

Didn’t pull until 10 o’clock at night. Was worried if I’d even be able to pull with how much pain my quad was in but I rolled it out constantly and put about a full tub of DMSO and Equi Block on it.

Opened with an easy 551, jumped up to a 5 lb PR and new state record with 606 and finished with 622, also a state record. Overall went good injury and 16 hours aside. Pretty sure I strained an oblique, either that or I have a hernia. Excited to compete again and set some more records. Finished with a 1383 total, would have liked a higher squat but I can’t complain too much.

I don’t see the videos but congrats on the state records and I hope the injury isn’t serious.

“Warm ups … were kind of rushed.”

Of course…

Very nice lifting. Squats (okay, yeah bench too) were always my nemesis. I’d be in like 3,000,000th place until deads then I’d shoot right up there.

You remind me of me only you look a lot stronger. Nice pull.

And congrats on the records!!!

"…or I have a hernia. Excited to compete again… "

That’s what I’m talking about.

Nice job!

Thanks guys. I regularly post my meet and training videos on Instagram too. Jeremyxgoss there too.

Well done! It’s challenging to maintain your focus with that much down time. Great deadlift!!!

Congrats on the records…but did you start an account specifically to tell us about your meet?

I’ve been reading the threads for a few years now, figured I’d finally start posting.

[quote]Chicksan wrote:
…did you start an account specifically to tell us about your meet?[/quote]

I’m new(ish) here, maybe don’t understand the point of the “powerlifting” forum, but is powerlifting, doing well and then telling us considered poor form?



Your a thick 198er man. Congrats on the lifting especially the pull.

Strong pull Jeremy.
Heal up and hit it again

Nice work! I want to get to those numbers on the bench and deadlift (I’m in the 198s too). Impressive squat without wraps too. Hope your recovery is speedy and complete