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Most Punchable Face


This shouldn't just turn into "Punch them because I hate them!" but sure the two (facepunchability and how much you simply dislike the person) will meet.

My nomination is Russell Brand. I've never actually seen any of his stuff. The other guy is in there and is quite punchable too. But I hate Russell Brand's face so very much.


Oh man, just look at this!


Barack Obama...come at me, FBI


Barack Obama when he's giving a "disdainful" look but actually looks like he's sucking a lemon while taking a shit and watching holocaust movie or something.


Damn you!


Hey, you gotta post a pic cuz maybe we don't know who you're talking about. I don't listen to the rap musics.


As per Nards' request...just look at him, chin out in the air and everything...just asking to get punched.


I'd punch him. With a 12 guage.


The big-bitch Kardashian


You gonna get penetrated.


Adam Richman, host of "Man vs. Food".

I enjoy his show, for the most part, but would like to give him no fewer than 8 Tiger Uppercuts


8 is overkill, shouldn't take more than 3 to get the desired effect


Chun Li obviously brought him a luke-warm Singha beer and didn't fix him his Pad Thai when he got home from work.

She'll know better, next time.


Reality TV: Donald Trump
Celebrities: The cast of Twilight - especially that one bitch who has the constant smirk on her face.
Politician: The oompa loompa.

Bonus: the annoying blond cashier at the local market.


He keeps hitting on you?


Newt Gingrich
Nancy Pelosi
Sarah Palin
Jonathan Papelbon
Tony Romo
Rex Ryan
Spencer Pratt
Brody Jenner
Rob Kardashian
Dick Cheney
Dumb Uncle (see: Pranks and Scares Thread)
anyone who actively supports war with Iran and isn't in or never has been in the military
Leonard Marshall
Joe Theismann
Mark May
Merril Hoge
whoever's currently fucking Scarlett Johannson
Glenn Beck
Bill O'Reilly
Keith Olbermann
Rachel Maddow (i don't hit women, but I'd pay my sister to take care of her for me)
whoever's dog shit in my yard last week and whose shit I proceeded to track through my house
The owner of said dog
Brian Sabean
Barry Bonds
WestCoast, for being a loyal-to-a-severe-fault Bonds fan who disregards his habitual women-beating
Neil Peart
Lil' Wayne
Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert


Anyone who believes Americans shouldn't hold sway in their military's activities as citizens and regardless of military experience.

Anyone who supports gov't mandated entitlement programs.

Anyone who compares abortion to the death penalty.

Anyone who supports gay adoption rights.

Cats in general.

Cat lovers.


Anti gun pussies.


PETA members and affiliates.

99%er protesters camping out for weeks complaining about money instead of looking for jobs.


Wow I would have never guessed you are from Texas.


I was thinking Chael Sonnen, but he'd kick my ass so bad afterwards (i might die). Still it would be temporarily satisfying.


Dude. Despite your obvious affinity for being feckless, I fully approve the list except for the vegans. More meat for me. Bravo.