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Most Pull-Ups Ever Banged Out?

Whats the most pullups you guys have ever done in 1 set?

26 for me.



Sorry couldn’t resist.

Now like 12. When I was 19 and 165lbs 33ish… joys of polevaulting

my main goal is 40 :smiley:

[quote]Rippemanewone wrote:
my main goal is 40 :D[/quote]

I’m aiming for 41!

I once saw a guy do 42.

I’m aiming for 410.

Actually, I can do about 25 chin-ups. I haven’t tested my max pull-ups for a while, but I can probably do about 15-20.

22 no kip. last 5 made me do funny things with my face.

10 pull ups or 13 chin ups. I thought I totally rocked until I read what you guys do. Now I suck :frowning:


17 at 170lbs

can get 10 now at 200 lbs

Form varies so much its hard to compare over the internet (I think this was behind the sarcastic responses)

23 in the real world, 97 on the internet.

[quote]T3hPwnisher wrote:
I once saw a guy do 42.[/quote]

With or without a shoe?

11 wide grip.

I can probably do about 16-21

most ever at any bodyweight=11

right now at 230lbs only about 5 strict form

never my strong point…

one of my friends who’s on SWAT does these ballistic pullups (the equivalent to clapping pushups) for sets of 16-20 and he’s weighing in at about 215lbs.

15 at 200

been doing a weighted day and BW reps as assistance on deadlifting day


25 at 242.not strict form last 10