Most Proven Workout Routines?

Before people start jumping the gun, I know, THERE IS NO PERFECT WORKOUT. It is truly Based on the individual.

But What are the most tried and true, PROVEN workouts, that when done correctly truly seen results?

I know there are some common ones like for mass building… the snatches, squats, dead-lifts. But are there other good mass building workouts that are proven?

Lastly, is EDT and HIT Training truly a good way to lift? and if so, to what type of indivudal would they be good for?

Dude, go to the gym, lift fucking weights, drink some water, lift more weights, go home, eat food, sleep

Then repeat and make sure the weight keeps getting heavier and your eating in accordance with your goals.

Do this over and over again for years.

Stop making this more complicated that it is.

Um workout and exercises are two different things.

Deadlifts, Squats, and Snatches are exercises.
EDT and HIT are more training methodology than training routine.

Depending on your goals and your body these are the most common and proven Workout routines:
SS, FST-7, WS4SB, 5-3-1, Insanity Workout, P90X

Not sure what the main routine Olympic Lifters use or Crossfit users. Obviously which one to use is completely dependent on your goals. 5-3-1 and P90X are significantly different workouts but both will achieve the goals they set forth.