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Most Proven and 'Best' Bulk Diet?


I know every person is different, but in your opinion, what is the ultimate bulk diet for putting on as little fat as possible, while still adding on pounds?

I need a link or you can post it here, but it would be greatly appreciated


Eat above your maintenance.

Seriously, if you're going to be vague you'll get vague answers.




You have to be born massive to BE massive.


The one where you eat.


Adding pounds with no fat. Drink a ton of water that should do it.


You forgot step two.

Don't pee.


Hahaha, I've never ever heard of specific bulking diets... If you're really underweight you eat everything you can get your hands on. Otherwise, you eat everything you can get your hands on.

Na, if you want a serious answer... find out how many calories you need to eat for your current height/weight/LBM/etcetera to reach your future goal weight (search calorie calculator). Then eat that in good quality food to get there. Along the way you might need to adjust it. Hope that helps.


thanks, but i was hoping something along the lines of:

Meal 1 you eat X, y, and z

Meal 6 you eat blah blah blah

you know, something like that.


Maybe in 100-200 years when science figures that out, we can get back to you.


First off, there's asking for help/advice and then there's asking someone to hold your hand. Second, you've given no info about yourself (height, weight, LBM) to give anyone any specifics if they were inclined to try and hold your hand a bit.


I'd say don't worry about calories or ratios as you'll be eating a lot of everything.

Lots of rice, pasta, chicken, beef, protein powder, vegetables, cheese and peanut butter.


How clean did you want that diet? I may get laughed at but I think it's possible to eat clean and bulk.
I consider hamburgers clean though, if that helps you see where I'm coming from.


You dont get it. You have to eat more calories than you burn. Get your calories from a balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Get adequate micronutrients. Which foods you choose to accomplish this is up to you. PLease dont think youre the first person to ask what kinds of food are good to eat. Do a search.


Fine, you wants specifics?


How do you expect anyone to give you specific meals when we don't know your height/weight, gender or anything really?


Ok here it goes:

Age: 19
Height: 5'10
Weight: 180
Goal: 200 pounds
Testosterone level: 1500
Testosterone dose: 150mg per week

(before you comment, this is legally prescribed for my hypogonad condition!)

I have a huge work ethic, and will do anything really.


Hire a professional with a good reputation to customize a growth plan for you. Or you can do it the old fashioned way and start somewhere and week by week, month by month make reasonable decisions based on what you see in the mirror and on the scale.

It is literally IMPOSSIBLE for someone to give you a diet that will put lean pounds on you without getting plenty of background and working with you on a reasonably long term basis. The guys that do this for a living are better at the baseline aspect than your average person on here, but what you get is experience of knowing what variable to change when and why.

So with your huge work ethic, either save up a coupe hundred bucks and hire someone or get to work yourself.


Your test levels are high even for a 19 year old. There is a good possibility that you are aromatizing excess test into Estrogen, which can cause fat storage. Are you on AI's? If not, have your doctor test for E2 - it should be in the range of 20-30.

Keep a food log. Aim for 500 or so calories over maintainence. Adding 20 pounds in a year (or less) should be easliy accomplished if you eat enough and train hard.


yes I am on an AI.