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Most Popular GH Protocol for Women?


Been away from GH info for a while (not enough expendable income) Q is A women client 195lbs, has 100ius with T3 on the way. She has been lifting for 8months and has lost 50lbs and gained alot of muscle, she is fairly strong. Remember this is for a woman for fat loss, her diet is spot on 1500cal mon-wed, thurs 1800cal, fri 1500, sat refeed and sun 1800. Just finishing a short cycle of clen.


Why does she need Gh, T3 and clen to begin with?
I don't think that's even worth the money for her to take GH.

At 195lbs, she can loose weight without that junk.


So tbat must mean you don't know.


No, I do know, but why would you want a 195lb women to run these compounds?
She's been training for 8 months?

Come on, this is ridiculous to do this to someone, unless you're making money off of them.

I would recommend this and would elaborate if I see there is a real and genuwine reason for her to run this.


WTF is wrong with people these days..


unless the woman happens to be 6'4, she does NOT need HGH and T3 to lose weight at 195lbs, that's ridiculous


Wow you guys must be trainers knowing all about genetics, stickings points. and her history. 6'4 that makes alot of sense how does that fall into the equation.

Justforget thatI asked this board, got the answer from somewhere else.
This is the best board for lifting advice, but this stuff is best asked at a real juice board.


I suggest ifting sometime


What protocol are you going with? I'm curious.

This is a great board for gear knowlegde but there is way too much of this shite.