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Most People Start Dosing Too High, Too Many Compounds

Was that before or after taking your temp 3 times a day, along with eating a couple pounds of iodized salt?

I take an afternoon nap sometimes…does that count as meditation? I mean, I would think it would…you don’t get much more relaxed than that!! Lol

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Lol. If you’re sleep deprived than it’s likely better than meditating. If you’re not sleep deprived meditation for me is much more than just relaxing, although it often qualifies. It improves my awareness and perceptions of everyday reality. It improves my temper and generally makes me a better person for myself and those around me.


Yeah I was joking…I hardly ever take naps anymore after starting TRT. I use to almost have to take one every day. Now it’s probably one time every two to three weeks. It’s amazing what a difference balanced hormones makes.