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Most People Start Dosing Too High, Too Many Compounds

Why would u think I meant fuck guys

I can definitely get that. I never was one to go with the crowd. I’ve always been my own person and I don’t take people’s word for anything. I do my own research, but I also feel like sometimes there are nuggets of wisdom that can be had from paying attention to what’s going on around you (ie reading some of the threads I’m talking about with this thread). Not sure it’s worth the risk to me. I want to be there for my wife and kids when they get old enough to need advice on real life issues ya know?

Just playing with you. You really need a blast!!


100%. No doubt. I’ve raised my kids and they are great. But let me say that I get semi-annual physicals, blood work, vision, skin, colon, the works. I’m doing great and my PCP doesn’t even know I’m on self treatment

I take daily Cialis. I took 40 mg Viagra to get the extra mojo 1 night but actually had soft erection. U think my BP went down to much?

That’s awesome man. Glad to hear that!

I think your brain/anxiety did a mind fuck on you. This has happened to me when I wanted to be “extra prepared” for date night with the wife.

The next day when things were chill, the sex was great and the hard-ons like blue steel

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Ok im gonna shoot some questions on BnC because it may be in my future.

Is HCT/HGB something that you watch for a 12 week cycle? Or is it not enough time to make a difference, in that you would be coming back to baseline eventually?

Would a 8 week cycle be worth it?

Nolvadex, 20 mg a day to mitigate e2 sides? That’s all you would need for e2 , right?

That’s what I’m running on my current blast. On cruise (based on Physio’s advice) i stopped everything and didnt have any negative sides.

I just donate regularly and it seems to stay at a good level

Edit: I’ve done a couple of Double Red Cell donations but only because I got nervous in the early days. Takes about 45 minutes vs about 15

What about 8 week blast time? Just because its my first time, maybe just to see how I react? Or is that worthless?

Do you find your BP increases on blast?

Define “regularly”. Every 6 months? Once a year?

Hard to say. I dont have the typical symptoms (redness, hearing your pulse in your ears, etc.) however when I see the Dr. my BP is raised but I think its situational

Edit: I need to buy a little home BP monitor. Would eliminate the situational issues

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Every 8 weeks. The max allowed.

I’ve had BP issues in the past. I can tell when it’s high because I get a dull thudding headache. It usually happens when I get real busy at work and forget to drink water regularly. Dehydration plays hell on my BP…

Definitely. That’s why God invented Yeti 32 oz cups! LOL

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Do you mind expounding on your experiences with these? I tried to send you a pm but couldn’t figure out how. I’ve done HCG mono, clomid mono, and now doing TRT 100mg every week, clomid 50mg every day, and .5mg AI EOD. I haven’t seen a lot of other people on clomid + TRT. I had a bad reaction to HCG. Curious on how it’s worked for you.

Sure, which experience specifically are you interested in? With hCG, I’ve never had good experiences, although I’ve never done hCG mono. Any dose over 100 iu’s and within hours I’d have edema, a spike in blood pressure, head aches, difficulty sleeping etc. I could get away with 70 iu’s twice a week with only slight side effects of the above, but very little impact on testicular size, so I began to look elsewhere.

Nolva at and above 40mgs every day gave me eventual blurred vision and depression. I’m currently taking 40 mg test cyp+prop blend with 25 mg Clomid every 3 days. This is the best I’ve felt in quite a while, although I’m also taking 30 mg saffron, PQQ+Ubiquinol, curcumin, fish oil, rhodiola, quercetin and acetyl l carnitine as well as meditating twice a day for 30 minutes each time.