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Most Pain You've Endured?


What was it? Were you shot, stabbed, punched in the ankles? A nasty tackle? Snapping your knee backwards?

Just how bad was it and how did you react?


Broke a nail last week.


OH MY GOD, you poor thing!


Broken rib sparring years ago. The perfect side-kick, hardly felt it...then I tried to breathe, no go, waited a bit and tried again, still bad, out of commision for a few weeks. Getting out of bed was brutal, especially with a waterbed lol, remember waterbeds?. Anyway there is now a little bump on my rib even many years later.

I've broken a few bones over the years but that was the worst cause it hurt for weeks it seemed.


Yeah, I was hammering a 40d nail into a 3" maple plank when the damned nail broke and was launched into my left eye. Blood everywhere. Hurt like a motherfucker, and the eye had to be removed.





I was kicked in the shoulder by a donkey/horse when I was a little kid (can't remember which). Served me right for pinching its behind. 15 years later, the shoulder still hurts.

It was fucking brutal and it was quick. That and the fact that I must've done a 540 through the air and landed with my face on a parked car. The humiliation was intense.

Couldn't seem to move the joint for weeks.


On a sports day in high school I sprained my ankle and snapped one of the bones in my lower leg, but a clean break , not sticking out.

I hobbled off the field and sat down and a few minutes later a girl was carried off by two guys screaming and crying. I asked someone what had happened to her and they said she'd sprained her ankle. Since she was screaming I figured I was OK and hobbled to the bus stop as it was 3pm anyway. I even got off the bus a stop early to get a Slurpee.

AT home after dinner I told my dad that my ankle still felt funny, I pulled up my pants leg (I think I was wearing sweat pants) and my ankle was swollen up huge. We went to get it checked and that's when I found it was sprained and broken.

I am that hard!


First marriage lasted 5 long years. Most pain any man could stand.


Bengay rubbed on the balls! ouch


Dislocated my right hip skiing. It was out of joint for about 3 hours before they could get me to the hospital and give me pain meds. That hurt pretty bad. Two surgeries later and my hip still isn't right, and probably never will be.

(EDIT) I forgot the worst part: On the way to the hospital, the EMT was checking me out and he sees something funny sticking up on the front of my pelvis. He pushes on it, and it disappears. It was the head of my femur, and it slipped behind my pelvis after he pushed on it. That was the single most excruciating moment of pain I've ever felt. It literally took my breath away for several seconds.

Also, got backed over by a speedboat last year on my bachelor party. Got my left knee sliced and right calf thumped pretty good by the prop. Luckily the guy driving had the presence of mind to kill the engine or I'd probably be missing a leg or two. My knee needed stitches and my calf was so swollen I couldn't walk on that leg for a week. Luckily my wedding was 2 weeks away at the time.


Two dislocations:

Diving for a loose ball in college a 6â?? 3â?? 240 guy lands on top of my while my left arm is extended above my head. Shoulder comes completely out and ends up in my chest. Without thinking I slapped it back into place. Happened so fast coach thought I was faking when I asked to come out to ice it. Turns out I blew it out pretty bad and ended up needing surgery. Have a 3â?? wood screw holding it all in place now.

Sliding into third base my cleats caught and dug into the clay. Dislocated my foot. Dangled at 90 degrees. Third base coach almost passed out. Hurt so bad all I could think of doing to stop the pain was to put it back where it belonged. Had to pull my foot out and away to get it back in place. Ortho was pissed I did it myself but was also surprised that I didnâ??t do more damage and that it was set perfectly in place


I've got two.

  1. Was basically trampled by a Holstien Steer when I was 8. Hoof stomped down on my face, fracturing the orbital bone on the right side. If you know about cow hooves though, they're caked with poop, so the subsequent infection kept my face swollen and grotesque and sore for quite a while.

  2. Had a kidney stone when I was 14. Doubled over in pain many nights while that thing traveled from my kidney to the peehole and finally out of my body. You'd think a stone like that would be smooth, rounded off, but no. It's sharp and jagged like a nugget of grape nuts cereal.

Tumbling and tearing away at your insides.

Plenty of other issues, broken stuff, dislocated stuff, surgeries, etc. The above two were the most painful and emotionally damaging though.


Your stories remind me of the first time I dislocated my shoulder. I was playing third base and a beer-keg of a dude slid into me knocking my shoulder out of whack. They couldn't reduce it on the field, and once I got into the cast room in the ER the last thing I remember before getting knocked out was the ortho doc jumping up and hanging from an I-bolt in the cieling making sure it would take my weight. Big joint dislocations have to be reduced right away or else swelling will set in and lock it down in that position.


Steel, Brad and DM ... your shit sounds horrendous. I've never had a dislocation or a break, so I'm very lucky I guess. I can't imagine how a popped shoulder (or foot?!) feels.

And a fucking cow's hoof in your face?! Jeez mate, that is seriously fucked. Good to see you lived.

Also, is there a way to make sure you don't get kidney stones? Or is there a lifestyle that increases your chances of getting them? Because there's no way on earth I'd want to go through that. Each and every description that I've heard has made me want to blow my brains out.


That's a good/valid question.

Kidney stones can be make up of various deposits, but for the most part they're pure calcium. That's what mine was.

I grew up on a farm, we drank whole milk, all the time. Hydration, even in the late 80's early 90's was for pussies. At least where I grew up. So, you got a farm kid who's main source of hydration comes from whole milk and Pepsi and you've got the perfect storm for gestating your own little calcified buddy that's bent on bending you over and driving hot knives in your guts.

So, best prevention is to stay hydrated with clear liquids, and in this case beer also counts. haha.


Thanks mate. I drink a shit load of milk but am keeping myself well hydrated with water. I hope I don't ever go through that ...

... or a cow hoof to the face (how?! lol)


I'll draw a diagram and post it. Easier to see pictures.


Opponent kicked me in the liver with the ball of his foot, full force. I wanted to die, literally.


I got hit with 480 last summer while working on an A/C unit. I ended up blacking out and waking up a little while later with no idea where the heck I was. It hurt pretty freaking bad