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Most Overrated/Underrated AAS

Overated: Equipoise

Underated: Proviron


Are you looking for opinions or just giving yours?

I would be interested to see some other responses.

[quote]FuriousGeorge wrote:
Are you looking for opinions or just giving yours?

I would be interested to see some other responses.[/quote]

trying to get opinions and discussion

The title got edited. it said “Poll: …”

Overrated: Tren
Underrated: Tren

It really is. Some guys will freaking blow the hell up on Tren like no one’s business; hence it being underrated. Problem is not everyone has this reaction to Tren [me] and all the hype and cost as the most expensive gear producy aside maybe from VAR make it overrated.

Other thoughts:
Overrated: Drol, Winny
Underrated: dbol, masteron

Overrated: Proviron
Ever since hooker came out with his proviron protocols - people won’t shut the hell up about it. And the stuff about it being an Anti-E makes smoke billow from my ears

Overrated: HCG
This is a personal choice because I have been vasectomized, and could care less about my nut size.

Underrated: Masteron
I love the stuff, but not very many people use it. I think it should be part of every cutting cycle.

Great thread.

overrated: proviron, without a doubt

underrated: test, d-bol, masteron

Rainjack, never seen Hooker’s Proviron protocols, and I hate to ask, but curious as to what they/it are/is.

I agree about the Proviron anti-e thing being overblown, but it does make a little difference; Although I have seen people recommend using it as an anti-e for a 750mg+ test cycle though…

I would have said
Underrated: Masteron
but in my circles everyone loves it, but as the masses go, it might be. I however, use it (masteron) in every single cycle and I always have proviron on hand.

I don’t have as much experience as most of the vets (only 2 cycles) but here goes.

Test rocks the house. I love it. I have only ever done test with masteron so i can go ahead and say I like that as well.

So far I have been a little dissapointed with EQ and doubt I will use it again. It goes well with a bulking cycle because of the hunger thing but I was honestly happier with primo as my secondary drug. I got more strength and leaner gains with it. def less sides.

Not sure about overrated because I haven’t used enough to know which are better than others. They all give great results compared to natural!

Obviously not a steroid, but I believe DNP is underated. 200mg ED is very manageable, and although you won’t be able to eat pizza and ice cream all day, it will still be very effective on a solid diet.

Now masteron’s gonna get a good rep and be overated.
But I will put it as underated for now. I love this one.
Plain test is underated too IMHO.

Over rated is winny

Overrated - All steroids in general by the general public. Ex. “You don’t have to work hard if you are on steroids!”

Underrated - Hard work.

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Overrated: primo…because it’s PRIMO.

Underrated: proviron. Correct use of this can help keep your cycles from growing rediculously out of proportion…for a little wihle at least lol.

Shit, I like 'em all, they all have a place and time. I like the thrill of trying one I haven’t yet, such as MASTERON! But have to agree with Rain, proviron is ALMOST useless. I say almost because it must do something, just no need for me to use it.