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Most Overrated in Music History...


whats your list? here's mine...

  1. The beatles..... these guys take the cake.... some good music but mostly shitty garbage.
  2. prince... this guy has shitty fucking music.. why do people love him?
  3. tupac..this guy is the most overrated rapper ever. Biggy would blow him away.. slim shady would smoke him.... he gets way to much credit.. let me guess why.. cause he fucking died thats why!!!!! well somebody had to say it.. he is fucking overrated!! big time! he also sampled so many fucking songs its not even funny.

thats all i can think of right now... whats your list?


no rolling stones on your list...obvious troll is obvious


Much different than the piece of shit YOU just posted, I'll tell you that.

Tupac overrated...jesus fucking christ...



Allow me to be the first to say it: Rush.


Most of the stuff on radio stations.

It's shitty and generic generally.


I used to wonder the same shit about Prince. Then someone showed me this video and I changed my mind.. This guy is talented.

If you don't want to listen to the song, go to 3:25. Definitely not the greatest solo of all time, but I didn't know Prince had it in him.





I know people will flame, and debate this to the ends of the earth, BUT:



All House music


All House Music


Pink Floyd
Just to name a few...


U2, Lady Gaga, Bieber


Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd
Cheap Trick
Pink Floyd


The Smashing Pumpkins
John Lennon
Rage Against the Machine


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Biggie is dead too.

I'll leave you to mourn.


you cant be taken serious with this post.

I have returned to destroy you. TN, please draw your swords of inaurrection.



Good Mourning.....mmm tears of sorrow and agony....a mixed drink of despair....delightful


Ahahaha... she got ya


Pink Floyd
Dave Matthews Band
Bruce Springstein