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Most Overrated Directors


I'll get the list started:

Martin Scorsese

Quentin Tarantino

Ron Howard

While I have enjoyed a few films from each of these guys, on the whole, they are given way too much credit.


The second and third one maybe, but Scorsese, seriously? C'mon man.


Not saying he's a bad director, just overrated. I don't think he lives up to all the awards and the can-do-no-wrong immunity in the eyes of critics and fanboys.


I had a feeling there'd be a wave of objections to that one...lol. Perhaps I just haven't seen the light yet.


The thng about Scorcese I don't like is thathe does the same stuff all the time. SOme of it is of course very good, but when I see him interviewed and he says how much he loves cinema I always think in a funny that he really loves cinema he'd try making something different.

I don't much like Zack Snyder.


James Camorron,

Yeah Avatar was good but it didnt exactly save the f**king world now did it?


C'mon man! Terminator! Terminator 2! Aliens! I guess that's all he has...maybe you're right.


Ah man, I wouldnt take Aliens or T2 from him but now adays its like Avatar will cure cancer, im juts not buying it.

Right how else,

M. Night Shyamalan
Tim Burton
Paul Thomas Anderson

And thats my load blown.


I don't like Michael Bay much. He overrates himself.
I think there needs to be some humility that this guy just doesn't have.
When he spoke about his movie flops in an interview, he compares himself to Speilberg and Kubrick saying that they had flops too.
Well yeah, but they also have movies decades old that are still enjoyed.

I don't even like Transformers 2 in this decade, I sure as hell won't be watching it when I have kids.


The Abyss was pretty fucking good as well. And personally I enjoyed Avatar. Sure, the plot line was ludicrous but it was designed to be a visual experience and on that front it certainly delivered. There's a time to ponder deep philosophical meaning in movies and a time to enjoy fantasy and beauty.

Spielberg pisses me off to no end. Though a lot of that is due to his penchant for editing his films for re-release to make them more PC.


What awards? He has only won the Oscar for best director once, for Departed. I kinda think your list was just made to be inflammatory because the three directors you just named actually give a shit about movie making. Please give an example as to why Ron Howard is overrated?


Woody Allen.

You look at his credits and he's got a GRIP of movies under his name and they let him churn out movies almost once a year. But I've never understood him, never enjoyed his movies, and simply just don't understand why he's so great.

Ever seen "Match Point?" Man that's a steaming pile of shit, yet he got tons of accolades for it and even Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 77. Maybe I'm not smart enough? Who knows.


Yeah,fuck these 2 guys! Night should be making twilight zone episodes,not movies. As for Burton,at one point he was great (Batman,Nightmare before Christmas) but since that new Planet of the Apes movie and Charlie and Chocolate factory,its been downhill. He needs to stop casting his wife too.


George Lucas - he had his moment, and now its GONE...GONE forever.... he has made some of the worst movies ever and for that, he can not be forgiven....


Tarantino - WAY overrated

I feel like these guys hit some home runs a while back and since then people think they HAVE to praise these directors to join in a conversation about directors.


Though, what I really had in mind when I made that comment was his "Life Achievement Award" from AFI. My post was not meant to be inflammatory at all. Obviously there would be disagreement amongst what directors are seen as overrated, since to be overrated alot of people have to like your work. By its nature, it's going to spark debate.

As far as Ron Howard, he's highly unoriginal and his movies all tend to follow a Hollywood formula. It works for him, and I've enjoyed some of his films like "A Beautiful Mind." Specific examples of why he's just meh...Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, How the Grinch Stole Christmas.


Going to add:
Michael Moore
George Lucas
Peter Jackson
Oliver Stone


I lol'ed...many times over. Haha


I thought about adding Spielberg, but thought about it for a bit. I think his virtue and his curse is that he's just been a part of so many fucking films. It's like a baseball legend like Cy Young...recorded the most wins of any pitcher in history, but also recorded the most losses.

Not to mention Jurassic Park and Minority Report are two of my favorite films...just couldn't add him.


179 gazillion for special effects and not 2-3 million for a solid screenwriter?

3 seconds of space battles could have bought him decent dialogues and character development but nooooo....

Oh chancellor I know that you are a Sith and you are all lying liars... what, you want me to slaughter all the "younglings" (?!?) of the Jedi? Allrighty then!