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Most Overhyped Movies

I was posting in another thread, and it got me thinking: What’s the movie, or movies ya’ll couldn’t wait to see and were a complete let down when it was over? For me, it was the Blair witch project. I had read about it in various mags and checked the website for updates. The buildup for this movie was, at the time, unparrallelled. I went to see it with a couple of buddies. The theater was PACKED, and right before the show started an usher stood before the screen and informed the crowd that there were trashcans by the exits because “someone will throwup before this movie’s over”.

The crowd went nuts when he said that. An hour and a half later my buddies were talking shit to me for wasting their afternoon. I couldn’t believe how awful it was, and how it was nothing like what I was expecting.
So folks, what Movie[s] have left an eternally bad taste in your mouths?

That new movie 21. The previews made it look really funny and then I saw it with my mom and we couldn’t believe how horrible it was! The most pointless things were made to be dramatic. We ended up leaving early cuz we just couldn’t take it anymore.

The Score with De Niro, Norton, and Brando.

I just wonder how they got a cast like that to read such a shitty script and still agree to do it. Seriously.

Signs…this movie was pretty bad.

AVP, but I had a feeling it would suck.

Hannibal. They changed the fucking ending.

UltraViolet (only good if you happen to be on a crack binge or really fond of crystal meth…as a food source)

Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy (Dear Lord, why? I mean…WHY!?)

The Avengers (with Uma thurman and Sean Connery) Suck does not give depth to how bad this was.

Lady in The Water (WTF was Shyamalan thinking?)

Superman Returns (I don’t care what anyone says, this was an abomination and a waste of good film that could have been put to good use on adult videos)

House of The Dead (I bought this shit…and then used it for frisby practice hoping to scratch it up enough so that when I did actually throw it away, no one would ever find it and be able to play it again. Just doin’ my part for the good of mankind.)

FireStarter 2 Rekindled (the first is a classic now…the second could be used to nonsurgically cause abortions)

You Got Served (so bad, you actually keep watching it because you honestly can’t believe it)

[quote]Professor X wrote:
UltraViolet (only good if you happen to be on a crack binge or really fond of crystal meth…as a food source)


Now that is comedy.

But I think this goes without saying and the undisputed biggest let down was Spider Man 3…If Marvel Dose one more GD dance number in a movie I will never forgive Stan Lee

War of the worlds

Tom Cruise = shite
Film = shitter

The 2nd and 3rd Matrix movies. That franchise went to shit quick.

I think this takes the cake: Dumb and Dumberer
What a pile of shit!!!

I Am Legend. It wasn’t bad, just overhyped and not that good.

  1. yea i said it

Anything with Adam Sandler.

Anything with Tom Cruise


We are keeping in mind that this is supposed to be a list of movies that you thought were going to be great, or were hyped up as being great, and they ended up sucking, yes?

We already have several threads about ‘the shittiest movie ever’.

Anyway, the one that sticks out in my mind as something I was really looking forward to and ended up making me want to put my testicles in a vice rather than continue to watch it: “A History of Violence”

Also, I’d be willing to say that any movie MTV hypes up, and/or does one of their “MTV Movie Specials” on, usually ends up being horrendous.

“The Day After Tomorrow”, “League of Extraordinary Gentleman”, “Godzilla” are all examples of this.

[quote]rainjack wrote:
Anything with Adam Sandler.

No greater truth has ever been spoken.

Definitely Spider Man 3.

Okay, back on track…

The first Batman was SO overhyped.

Titanic- some cool effects, but otherwise a sappy love story on ice.

Something About Mary (marginally funny, not gut-busting like everyone was claiming).

Braveheart - A great story, but under Mel Gibson’s overblown and sometimes silly dramaticism and historical inaccuracies, it seemed more like a novel-made-into-a-movie.

The Matrix - not half as good as the hype …with that wooden-head Reeves.

[quote]Uncle Gabby wrote:
The 2nd and 3rd Matrix movies. That franchise went to shit quick.[/quote]

Agree, first one was good, the others were overhyped crap.

The last 3 Spiderman movies.

[quote]Professor X wrote:
You Got Served (so bad, you actually keep watching it because you honestly can’t believe it)[/quote]

You Got Served is actually one of the most rewatchable movies for me for this very reason. It is like watching an old episode of Saved by the Bell or one of those TV shows from that era. Every scene that’s supposed to be funny isn’t, but the moments that are supposed to be “tense and serious” are so terribly acted and have such retarded dialogue that you can’t help but giggle.

I’ll throw out two more movies that I thought were way overhyped:

  1. Armageddon- I’m not saying it’s a terrible movie, just not mediocre and it got hyped up wayyy too much.

  2. Napolean Dynamite- Ok I WIL say this is a terrible movie. I think you had to be in high school to appreciate just how many kids were walking around dropping stupid quotes from this movie. Bad times.

Also anything with Will Ferrell nowadays. He lost his fastball at least 3 years ago, everybody is just afraid to admit it.

Before it was even announced that Michael Crichton’s book “Timeline” was being adapted to film, I was telling everyone how it should be adapted to film. I absolutely fell in love with the story, and since most of his book’s turn into decent movies (IMO), I was praying it would happen with this book. When I heard it was really happening, I couldn’t contain myself. I counted the days until the release. Then when it finally came out…

…I wanted to kill everyone associated with that movie. What a fucking abomination! They changed absolutely everything except for the part about time travel to the middle ages. Everything on the set looked ridiculously cheap, and the worst travesty of them all, Paul Walker was significantly involved. God I hate that movie.

I think the most recent disappointment for me was Cloverfield. I remember seeing preview after preview, etc. My date and I decided to see it and we were both pissed.