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Most Over-Looked Mr. O?


Hey y'all. When we talk about Mr. Olympia winners, we usually mention Sergio, Arnold, Lee, Dorian, and Big Ron. Maybe someone will mention Franco and Larry Scott. The other winners seem, to me, to get overlooked and almost forgotten about. You know what I mean? The contest is 40 years old, and there have been 10 winners. Take a self-quiz and see if you can name them all (correct order not necessary)? I'll wait.




Did you remember Zane? Okay, probably. But how about Chris Dickerson or Samir Bannout? I suppose that since they only won one Mr. O title each, they get relegated to the back of the history books, and simply glanced over, if at all. That just doesn't seem right. Opinions?






The definition on his arms is re-donk-ulous.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Dickerson at a percieved disadvantage because of his short heighth?

Not saying he was a lesser man for it, just asking if you have two guys, both equally ripped, and one is 5'2 and one is 6'2 and both are proportional, who gets the nod for first?

If I'm off base here, call me out on it.


Zane is my favourite. I think he gets overlooked because of his weight; what was he, 190lbs? I've always liked Columbu a lot too, he was a thick mofo!

Off topic, but I thought Columbu came off as a really nice, humble guy in Pumping Iron, which I liked, yet I've read lots of stories about him being an asshole.


I met Franco at a book signing when I was 18. He is a real nice guy. He made a big impression on me. I was surprised to find that I was taller than him.

I remember right before he finished he said I'll show you my arm. He pumped it back and forth three or four times. Every time he pumped it, it grew an inch. Impressive.


Personaly I never liked Dickerson's physique. I remember thinking Zane and Platz both looked better then him (from picts in M&F of course). I think a lot of people agreed and that's why not too many remember him. Samir looked awesome that next year when he won. Trouble is he only achieved that look one time (Not before or after). So people don't remember him much. I'll see if i can dig up some old M&F mags and post picts from those contests.


Acually Bannout did reach that level of conditioning again but not in the IFBB he was absolutely Ripped and Jacked like you wouldn't beleive at the WABBA World Champion ship. But after he won he had a major falling out with the promoters over the prize money.