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Most of Calories From Shakes Bad?

I’m in a clean bulking phase and I realized that about half of my daily caloric intake is in liquid form. I drink these two shakes everyday.

Shake #1 Breakfast Shake
1 banana
1 scoop protein
1/2c oatmeal
1.5c milk
1c frozen strawberries
2 tablespoons peanut butter

Shake #2
1c cottage cheese
2c milk
1 scoop protein
3 tablespoons peanut butter

I wanted to know if intaking that many calories in “liquid” form will effect me negatively nutritionally. Its the easiest way I’ve found to eat clean quickly.

Nope its just good quality food man and if thats what fits your needs and schedule go for it. Also IMO thats not much at all let alone to much to be worrting about,

It is nice to actually sit down ane enjoy a meal here and there than to just drink your way through the day. At least you are adding good stuff to your shakes.

Think about this though- if you can’t find time to eat real food throughout the day- what else are you neglecting? Usually things like this don’t come in singles. Not to get all psycho-babble-ish on you, just food for thought. (pardon the pun…)

Just be sure you are getting enough fiber.

I feel wierd when most of my diet is in liquid form. Psychologically I feel better when I get to sit down and eat a full meal. If shakes works for you, and there is real nutrition in it, go for it. I would get a nice chicken breast or steak from time to time however.

2 shakes a day like that man are fine. Your still eating 3 or 4 meals of solid food. I am taking in 2 shakes a day right now and I’m cutting, I just find its easier to drink a shake right now with the temp starting to rise.

Happens every summer lose the appitate and the shakes are a good way to still get in some food. And really as long as itsworking for you go for it.

The form (i.e. liquid/solid) of the food doesn’t really matter, its what foods you put into the shake that make a difference. It all turns to a liquid in your stomach anyway.

It looks like you’re getting a decent amount of fiber in your shakes, so assuming you eat good solid meals, that shouldn’t be a problem.

The only real difference is that liquefied foods will probably digest a bit faster, so if you’re aiming to bulk and need LOTS of calories, liquid meals can help you get more meals in a single day.

I have heard that certain enzymes in your mouth are only activated when you physically “chew” your food. I remember seeing a post by Shugs and he said that even if he is drinking a shake, he’ll actually chew the liquid a little bit to possibly release the enzymes that might not be released if he simply drinks the shake.

The difference between the digestion with this enzyme present is probably nominal. However, it is something simple enough to possibly increase the amount of calories absorbed. Y’know, baby steps.