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Most Obese States 2009


Well the new list is out and aside from Colorado (thank god) the rest of the country seems to be getting larger in the WRONG way!

Mississippi is still the the fattest with Alabama a close second.


Alabama is about to get a lot skinnier since Andre Smith got drafted.


Woooo Colorado!
Funny pic Eielson.


That is a frightening pic!


sweet home al-ah-bam-ah


Fuck that must hurt


But Alabama has the best accents. Too bad about the twinkies.


colorado is 51 on the list? is that even possible? is there a state i missed being added?


I can't wait to start paying for their healthcare :slight_smile:



Jesus. May I just remind everyone here that these numbers and statistics are for the OBESE, not just the overweight. Unbelievable.

Also unbelievable are those stupid advertisements: "Mother lost 21lbs by following this ONE simple rule!"

Yeah there is ONE simple rule. Eat less.

Yeah, that's fucked up. How is that fair?
It's like communism in a way.


it's a disease, not a choice


Forgive my ill-conditioning, I keep forgetting!


I'm obese


...And Michigan is #10.....Fatasses!


They put D.C. as a state


Northeast is by far the best; NJ is 42.

Go figure.


Yes in fact they are starting to add a 52nd also...


Naw, man, back down to 51 because Texas is leaving.



Second place is still the first loser.

HMac, I think if you and I dirty bulk on Little Caesar's we can claim the crown.


Seems like people are getting fatter and fatter everyday...