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Most Nutritious Food in the World?


If there was only one single food source you could choose from what would it be?

Imo it would have to be milk or eggs - relatively the most nutritionally complete food in the world.


I don't know of a single food that has everything man requires in amounts that would be sufficient. Not even milk.

Those probably would be closest, with eggs deficient in Vitamin C and magnesium and low in potassium, and milk low in Vitamin C and deficient in iron. Oh, and of course no fiber in either.


There is not one "do all" food but one of the most nutritious foods on earth is chlorella. http://www.regenerativenutrition.com/content.asp?id=25


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One single food source?

Perhaps my local Chinese Super Buffet.


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I believe this type of food contains enough nutrition for months on end, all in one sitting!


yah but then you are hungry an hour later


that's cool. don't think we can digest that though?


It's not tasty, but yeast would be up there as well. It actually very well may be complete, including odd things like selenium and so forth. At least the type grown for nutritional supplementation.

There would likely be a problem with TOO MUCH micronutrients though, if enough were consumed to meet caloric needs.

Perhaps a more interesting exercise, as there is no one food that would do it, would be what "n" number of foods is the minimum that would provide sufficient (at least RDA) supply of absolutely every required vitamin and mineral, without problematic excess of any, at maintenance calories. And what foods those would be, aiming for as low a number for "n" as possible. Perhaps even as low as 2 would be possible. I don't know.

An easy approach would be to take a thing or two that are close in and of themselves, such as milk or eggs, and then see what minimum would be needed to fill them out.

No fair omitting even the small things like manganese and so forth. :slight_smile:


I would think something like nuts could be a good choice. Carbs, protein, fat, vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and more importantly they are calorically dense.


There would be an overload on some minerals if nuts were the only food. At least with some nuts anyway.

Also there's virtually no sodium, no Vitamin A, no Vitamin C, and no Vitamin K, at least for some nuts. Perhaps other lacks.

Could potentially be one of the minimal-additions to some other food or foods to fill it out, though.


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Milk is ideal for babies & kids. Almost all adults start to lower production of the enzyme to digest lactose as they age. Honestly I don't think there really is much nutrients in milk even raw.

We all Know you won't be able to get every thing from 1 food. I'm pretty sure I read a while ago (Maybe one of the Bowden video) that Egg & Kale pack the most nutritional punch per serving.


One single food source? Probably a ruminant like a cow or a sheep. The meat give me all the protein and fat I need, and from the digestive system I'll get my veggies (the Inuit get their vit C from partly fermented and pre-digested content of the rumen of caribou)


Yea. Either that or potatoes. Say what you will about them, but they're one of the only foods that fed an entire race for a long time.... not only kept them from starving, but in good health too. That's impressive.