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Most Neglected Body Part

Miine would have to be either my shoulders or my abs What about you?

Probably my calves. Everything else I don’t train at least gets heavy indirect work, my calves get next to nothing. Sorry calves. I plan on working on them alot my next mass phase.

Chest…as odd as it sounds from a 16 year old.

Abs definitely. Im tryin to get bigger so ill work on those later.


Lately squats have been their only stimulation.

My heart. I haven’t been listening to it lately.

lol, cry me a river deadlift :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably shoulder or lats. I don’t like doing direct shoulder work, I feel like there’s something wrong with my rotator cuff. As for lats, I work them out, but I never really EVER feel DOMS in them.

Shoulders, it pop and crack when i do direct work.

Serratus anterior.

calves. Its the muscle i do least volume and direct work on. If i was to be honest i dont like dong calves.

I’m confused…

Why are people on the bodybuilding forum(besides injuries) neglecting anything. EVER?

[quote]Scott M wrote:
I’m confused…

Why are people on the bodybuilding forum(besides injuries) neglecting anything. EVER?[/quote]

Cuz i wanna be like arnold ;p.

My neck. I hit everything else at least once a week.

I dont know why people dont train calves that much. Calves look so amazing.

I never train calves, but then I never have to either…

Chest for me O.o I don’t like pressing while horizontal.

Where I train though, the legs are definately the least trained bodypart. I’d say more than half of the male members never leg pressed anything. Which is fine since the power rack is always available for me, the curlers like to line up in front of the mirror.

My stapedius. It’s my smallest muscle :frowning:

neck and legs in general - but i dont really need to i cycle and run a good ammount

My calves. Our football program never has calves on it. Still, they’re too bad. Ok, I lied. They are horrible, but still.

Forearms, used to train girip very hard but stopped recently since hands started getting messed-also not enough time right now in gym- up so that was the only way my forearms got a lot of work.