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Most Muscle You've Gained in 2-3 Months?


I want to go from 78 kg 18 percent body fat to at least 82 kg 15 percent body fat preferably 85kg but i think thats pushing it. Is it possible?

Opnions? Results? Method?


Why don't you spend some time reading and thinking for yourself instead of expecting people to spoon-feed you?


that was funny op, hats off


i wasnt really asking for some one to spoon feed me.
iv already given it a thought.
i wanted to see what other ppl have done..

but thanks for the advice..


You could gain 6kg of LBM in three months, sure. But not while cutting BF.


Of course he can. He's a noob lifter.

Push/Pull/Leg split. Cardio after training. 5 Day split sched.
Eat 5 meals a day with large serving protein every meal

It wont even be hard... lol


im stupid, mis-read the post (didnt see the time frame part), i retract my condescending statement


^ this. i've done it . you will get a bit fatter but you can lose that later . eat 3500 4000 cals a day n train heavy n hard 5/6 days a week .


opinion? yes no problem. your only asking for an eleven lb muscle gain and a two lb fat loss. shouldn't be hard for a beginner.


I went from 130 fully cardio'd, complete noob, and carb depleted to 165 in 3 months. Then made it to 220 on a super dirty bulk a year after that. Down to 193 stronger and bigger than at 220.


So you want to gain 8lbs of muscle and lose 5lbs of fat in 2-3 months?

I've never understood people who have exact progress goals like that! lol

Why not have one main long term goal (e.g. a "lean" 200lbs), aim for one thing at a time. And set short term goals, but don't be exact...

Like lose 10lbs of fat (no extreme dieting though); this would be easy enough, just eat around maintenance (e.g. 2500-3000 cals/day), train often (e.g. 5x/week), lift hard, do cardio if necessary. You'll add a little muscle while leaning to around 12% body fat. Simply keep bodyweight the same, add more exercise if you aren't already doing 'too much', and if your waist isn't shrinking, reduce calories a little.

Then start a steady bulk.

Oh, and just for the record, as regards your question - of course this is possible...in fact, if at your stage of development you didn't gain 8lbs of muscle and lose 5lbs of fat in 3 months, you're probably doing something wrong :slight_smile: Get this stage over and done with so that you can concentrate of building quality muscle without overly worrying about fat gain.




yeah, it wont be hard. I started lifting when I was like 14, and had no real idea what I was doing. I put on I think 10 kgs in a year or so. 68 kgs to 78 kgs. And stayed at 12% the whole time. Then progress slowed down with weight, but I just got better looking and stronger.

I was86 kgs and lean 11% BF like 5 weeks ago and after 2 n a bit years of taining, then I went to france and lost it all, cuz all they do here is eat pastries and not excersise...